Airport at the Island of Rhodes Temporarily Shut Down

COLOSSUS-OF-RHODESThe airport of the Greek island of Rhodes, located in the Southeast Aegean set, was shut down again on Thursday morning.

The issue causing “Diagoras” airport problems is a large crater that has formed on its landing strip. According to ANA-MPA, Rhodes municipality staff had repaired the exact same part of the landing strip that presented the problem, just two days ago.

“Diagoras,” Greece’s fourth largest airport which also has flights from and to destinations abroad, is among the 14 Greek state-owned airports whose operations German company Fraport AG and Slentel Ltd will likely take over.

Authorities are considering cutting down Diagoras’s landing strip to 1,800 metres, ANA-MPA further reports. However, strong winds are preventing aircrafts from landing or departing from the airport.


  1. This kind of mishandling will not happened once the airport is privatized to any serious foreign company (German or other Western country). The state or municipalities cannot manage everything.