Greek Students Now Can Become Exempt from Religious Education Classes More Easily

sia_anagnostopuluNew Alternate Education Minister Sia Anagnostopoulou heralded the simplification of procedures for students who want to be exempted from religious education classes.

The procedure now is that students who do not wish to attend religious education classes have to file an official document stating their religion or stating that they are atheist.

Abagnostopoulou spoke to Sto Kokkino radio station on Friday where she expressed the opinion that the students should not be obligated to state their religion on an official document but a simple paper signed by their parents would suffice.

“It is not right that a student must sign a document on what religion they belong to or don’t belong to. It is wrong that we have not abolished that yet, but we will abolish it now,” she said.

Anagnostopoulou said that the government respects the Greek Orthodox Church but schools are a place where the right of freedom of religion must be respected and protected.