FYROM Name Dispute Prompts Greek PM to Miss UN General Assembly Session



The dispute over Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia‘s official name proved to be a small thorn in this year’s United Nations General Assembly annual General Debate.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who is currently in New York, has opted to skip the United Nations General Assembly sessions that centred around the issue of extremism, organized by the United States President Barack Obama. According to Greek media reports, one of the main causes was that the United States government denied Greece’s request that FYROM attend the session using the name FYROM and not the name Republic of Macedonia.

The other reported reason why Tsipras chose to pass on this particular session is that the Greek Prime Minister would not be able to speak during the session and express Greece’s opinion on the matter.

Greece and FYROM have been unable to come to an agreement on the latter’s official name. The United States has recognized the Republic of Macedonia as the state’s official name since November 2004. This naming dispute extends beyond the two countries. A host of nations including China, the United Kingdom and Russia have also recognized Republic of Macedonia name, while several others including Australia, France and Germany recognize FYROM as the official title.


  1. Other sources report the real reason for Tsipras’ absence was neck ties are compulsory for high level dignitaries at General Assembly meetings. The boy-PM did not pack one nor knew how to knot a tie correctly. The only knot he knows, a hangman’s noose was declared unsatisfactory.

  2. Macedonia is Hellenic – FYRoM is Slavic.

    Macedonians have right to keep as Greek as possible, the identity-characteristics of their regional-historical Haemus-Hellenic ancestors. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Makedonija has no geographic, demographic, or historic right to use the Macedonian name for country name, sovereign state-name, nationality, language or ethnicity.

    FYRoM cannot base it’s continuity existence on a Latin-Roman military district the Romans had renamed Macedonia-Secunda Salutaris. Paeonia and Dardania were adjuncted together and renamed, hence FYRoM is Macedonia II Salutaris according to Latin-Roman administrative districts – FYRoM is the Second-Macedonia, or Beneficial-Macedonia, therefore cannot base it’s ethnicity on an acquired name, cannot base it’s ethno-origin story on an ancient-Hellenic people-group, cannot base it’s history on an ancient-Greek Kingdom.

  3. What Tsipras needs to understand and every Greek politician is that Greece needs to build a very strong export driven economy whereby Greece is relied upon more than anyone else to get its way…
    Forget about moral and history..Think of building for tomorrow whereby the strong will survive…

  4. Sadly another battle Greece has lost. Most states and most people around the world are using the name “Republic of Macedonia” for this small Yugoslavian province which naturally should have been united to Bulgaria.

  5. Greece must hold an even stronger stand against FYROM just like they did in the early 90s or else Greece will lose at the end, there is only one Macedonia and it is in Greece!!

  6. Yes, it was about the neck tie. How dare his wife not pack one for him? She should be at home packing his bags like a good Greek wife???? and not go shopping with German taxpayers money.

  7. Another US led change in history for geopolitical and cheque book diplomatic reasons…Bush was and is a War Crimes Criminal, and so are the Neo Cons that opened Pandora’s box in the middle east. The Name dispute is strictly based on a small part of the population ..about 200,000 people who have been brain washed by Communist leader Joseph Broz “Tito” into believing they are part of the ancient Greek civilization of Macedon. The rocks don’t lie…they are written in Greek, Historians don’t lie, and neither do the 200 acclaimed modern historians that sent a letter to Pres. Obama disputing the name of Macedonia for this tiny region, that was known as Vardarska Banovina. We all know the corruption and the theft of history perpetrated by the USA going back to WW1 and now we see the Republicans bestowing names and territories for geopolitical gain. What Greece desperately needs is a leader the ilk of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the only man standing in the way of American Imperialism and western expansionism, and also renaming history for the benefit of Capitalist Predators in the west…Greece must stand strong on this name and it’s history, Tsipras is a coward for kneeling in front of the bergemeisters in Brussels, but he is right to slap Pres. Obama’s face on this one…Shame on American Imperialism and the renaming Historical periods for the benefit of US foreign policy of divide and conquer. All the infrastructure in Skopje is being done by Haliburton Co. that’s Dick Cheney…the US military has a huge base that was part of the deal with the Skopjans for the name change…Any Greek who accepts this name change should be tried for treason and hung in front of Syntagma square…I CARE….I AM A GREEK MACEDONIAN BORN IN ALEXANDER’S CITY OF THESSALONIKI. IF IT WERE UP TO ME WE WOULD HAVE INVADED SKOPJE AND TAKEN THE 18% OF MACEDONIAN TERRITORY, WHERE NOTHING HAPPENED IN HISTORY ON THIS SMALL TRACT OF LAND…NO BATTLES, NO CITIES, NO NOTHING. The Skopjans are more Martian than Macedonian, they don’t know if they are Bulgarian, Albanian, or Gypsies, or Slavs. The name should be REPUBLIK OF VARDARSKA..OR VARDAR REBUPLIC.