VW’s Greek Dealership: ‘Demand for German Cars Hasn’t Been Affected’ by International Scandal

vwThe head of Greece’s dealership of troubled German car maker Volkswagen said on Tuesday the company is ready to assist customers who have bought cars fitted with the illegal software.

The software was fitted to diesel vehicles that allowed for the German car brand giant to rig emissions tests for said vehicles. This was discovered by US authorities, supposedly over a year ago. Nevertheless, at a press conference in Athens, Steven Sirtis, the General Manager of Kosmocar S.A., said that demand in the country has not been affected by the scandal.

“This big problem has to be resolved in the best way possible and I trust Volkswagen,” said Sirtis, as Kosmocar is the official dealer of VW and Audi in Greece. Asked about customer reactions, he said that “so far the number of German car owners who are worried about the good operation of their engine is small” adding that “demand for German cars represented by Kosmocar has not been affected.”
He said he expects an official announcement by the German company in “the next few days” on how to resolve the issue and restore the problems caused by the illegal software.
“The huge recall [of cars] throughout the world and in Greece will probably start at the end of next week,” he added, without however committing to any dates. “Kosmocar’s technical services are ready and will do whatever they can to keep our customers happy.”
(Source: ANA-MPA)


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