Athens Ranks 1st Among 25 Most Influential Cities in the World


Two Greek cities, that have always been a magnet for art and culture, were included on the list of the 25 cities with the greatest impact on the world.

More specifically, the capital of Greece, Athens, ranked in first place in the list that was compiled by List25, the website that gathers and presents lesser-known intriguing information on a variety of subjects, while at  #22 one can find Olympia, in western Peloponnese.

“Birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is the most influential city ever in the fields of philosophy, architecture, politics, science, and free thinking, as well as the original home of what is considered the most ideal system of government: democracy,” the website reads while it continues, referring: “Athens also became the first city to organize the first modern Olympics back in 1896. Some of its most famous citizens include giants such as Socrates, Plato, Solon, and Pericles.”

List25 also refers to the “Valley of Gods,” which is no other than the ancient Greece’s sacred city Olympia, highlighting the fact that it was once the birthplace of the most important athletic event of all time, the Olympic Games.

“Olympia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, and one of the most powerful brand names worldwide, with billions of people focusing on the city during the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic flame before each Olympics. With a population of about 13,500 Olympia is without a doubt one of the most influential small places in the world.”

You can see the full list of the “25 Most Influential Cities In History That Have Shaped Our Current World” below:

1. Athens
2. Jerusalem
3. Mecca
4. Rome
5. Babylon
6. Beijing
7. Istanbul
8. Ur
9. Paris
10. Eridu
11. Alexandria
12. New York
13. Baghdad
14. Berlin
15. Cairo
16. Damascus
17. Delhi
18. Dubai
19. Florence
20. London
21. Moscow
22. Olympia
23. Tenochtitlán
24. Timbuktu
25. Tokyo


  1. Really? All my friend saw last month was refugees camping in the middle of the city, shut shops & graffiti everywhere.

    This study maybe a few years old

  2. Yeah, and for how many years is there graffiti again? 15?
    And how many months were there refugees again? 5-10?

    And for how many thousands of years has Athens been one of the most influential cities in the world in which the most influential rich civilization in the world resided and where based on many scientific studies of the most influential people (8 out of 10 in the lists are Greek) in the world resided: The Greek civilization.

    So your short lived joke, is at your own pleasure and with a lack of intelligence.

    But I can understand when, (and let me make a big assumption here) a US citizen shows his/her opinion on subjects like these, while they are (as my grandmother says is) from “the country without history”.
    It’s like crying about that “something” isn’t important, because they don’t have it

  3. It’s last years. before you started education !!
    Keep studying. You are on the right path..

  4. … I bet this video would be considered politically incorrect, fascistic, right wing propaganda, …. and I often wonder what our country would be like if this “Filotimo” was introduced into the American ETHOS. …. The biggest, strongest, and most shameful and embarrassing comment / question / admonishment, any one could ask in Greece, is and was : ” Den exeis Filotimo Vre ? ” ( Don’t you have Filotimo ? ) … Filotimo implies ingrained qualities of other-directed attentiveness (instead of self-directed), regard, consideration, sense of shame, compassion, selflessness, understanding, respect, empathy, honor, …. It is the foundation of humanity ! The rubric and essence of the cultural Ethos.

  5. This is why some certain people want to vanish Greece and Greeks from the world map,they just can’t stand it…..
    A country this small has a history and influence on the planet that big.
    Greece is here for thousands of years through fire and steal and…. will be here till the end of time….
    One more thing,Alexandria was built by the Macedonian King Alexander the Great and that make the city Greek…as well as many other cities around the Middle East and Asia built on his path..

    Εις το αιώνα τον άπαντα (to eternity)