Tsipras Calls on Greek-American Businessmen to Invest in Greece (video)

Tsipras at the Hellenic InitiativeGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke to Greek American businessmen and asked them to invest in Greece during an event organized by the Hellenic Initiative.

About 700 prominent members of the Greek American community along with Archbishop Demetrios of America and European Commissioner on Immigration Dimitris Avramopoulos attended the event that was held at the World Trade Center and hosted by Gianna Aggelopoulos.

During his 10-minute speech, the Greek prime minister asked for the help of the Diaspora: “I have come here to ask you to invest in Greece. It doesn’t matter if you are left-wing or right-wing, we are all Greeks and we must do what is best for our country,” he said.

“It is time to invest. Greece needs investments now more than ever. Since you love Greece, you must support the country, especially at this moment. By investing in Greece you are becoming partners in development and prosperity,” he noted.

“Greece has a government with strategic vision,” Tsipras continued. “We must create an environment that is friendly to investment. We need to get in the path of sustainable growth.”

Tsipras concluded his speech by saying that he is optimistic that the Greek American investors will come forward at this “historical moment” for change in Greece.

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  1. I wonder what happened to the infamous ‘diaspora bonds’?

    Alexis, you might have a name of a hero but hero you are not. Go arrest those on the Lagarde list, drain their bank accounts & sell off their assets. From the interest alone & property growth, Greece’s financial position will be in surplus !! That’s a no brainer..

  2. Any Greek that invests in Greece with a communist running it deserves to lose their money.

  3. If no Greek that lives in Greece doesn’t invest in Greece, then what type of patriot are you?

    Leave the diaspora alone – they only want to holiday in Greece but have no intention of ever moving back..

  4. Tsipra, corruption cause destruction. No one would invest in a corrupt country with corrupt political system managed by corrupt civil servants. Fix our public sector first then invite them. Open your eyes well to know and understand the real reasons for my country’s bankruptcy. Once you get to know the reasons behind our crisis then you will understand the seriousness of our problem.

  5. For crying out loud, it is non leftists that caused this mess with their endless corruption. Tsipras is formed to reform the country, there is nothing you can do about it rightwinger.

  6. not really, especially since the law doesnt allow to touch funds before 2010, but it will help.

  7. also for the first time ever greece asked for information on lagarde list and corperation with swizerland to find the tax evaders was halted until now. The right is corrupt, you will have syriza for 4 years and you will like it!!!

  8. Leftist lies. The Lagarde List was being investigated but it takes time to do
    audits of thousands of people. Unfortunately many leftists that vote for Marxists have a kangaroo court version of justice where someone is presumed guilty rather than innocent. The legal system on the other hand requires concrete evidence rather than just innuendo, supposition and witch trials.

  9. KKE is just one of many communist oriented parties in Greece. Most Greek leftists have no clue that Syriza’s core parties are mostly made up of communist elements. They pretend they are voting for moderate left but are defacto voting for a leader who is on record wanting Euro communism.

  10. On the contray, the vast majority of corruption in Greece is by leftists (including the majority of tax evasion). They are so shameless they are now voting for communists.