Greek State Council Suspends Skourletis’ Decision to Close Skouries Mine

council of stateThe Council of State temporarily suspended the decision of Greek former Productive Reconstruction Minister Panos Skourletis (August 19, 2015), which recalled the decision that approved the engineering design of the mining facilities in Skouries, as submitted by Hellas Gold, claiming that the design violated the technical studies’ terms.

In particular, the Council of State Suspensions Department ordered the suspension Skourletis decision, until the issuing of a final decision regarding the main action which was discussed today in the Council of State plenary.

The council member weighed the harm that the mine workers claim to have experienced and the public interest invoked by the Greek government and eventually decided on the decision’s suspension.


  1. This mine is a disaster. What’s the point of allowing a mine to operate that pays no tax, and almost no royalties.
    Once the resource is taken out of the ground it doesn’t grow back!
    And at this point Greece needs to make every post a winner.


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