Hellenic Postbank Scandal will Cost Greek State About 500 mln Euros

    The total losses suffered by the State from the TT Hellenic Postbank scandal in the period from 2006 to 2012, when its administration issued bad loans before its liquidation in 2013, is estimated at 500 million euros, according to the data examined by authorities.

    These non-performing loans were granted to prominent businessmen without securing the necessary guarantees.

    Five such cases are the most prominent and include loans to:

    BESTLINE company (of Kontominas Group); losses totaling 138,750,467 euros

    Kontominas Group (along with DEMKO Group); losses totaling 38,500,000 euros

    Kontominas Group; money laundering totaling 12,500,000 euros

    Lavrendiadis Group; losses totaling 105,384,605 (in personal bank accounts of Lavrediadis)

    Griveas Group; losses totaling 17,641,000 euros for a loan of 170,000,000 euros

    An Appeals Justices’ Council on Tuesday ordered 35 people to stand trial for the case, with charges of fraud and breach of faith, aggravated by laws concerning embezzlement and money laundering.
    (source: ana-mpa)


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