Fourth Candidate Officially in the Race for New Democracy’s Presidency

georgiadisAfter an appeal and various expressions of dissatisfaction, New Democracy’s Central Election Committee decided to reverse its initial decision and chose to allow Adonis Georgiadis to run for the party’s presidency in the upcoming elections.

The committee had deemed Georgiadis’ application invalid as the New Democracy MP submitted his paperwork eight minutes after Friday’s 6 p.m. deadline. His delay was due to his search for the required 50 signatures of members of party’s Political Committee. Georgiadis’ official appeal proved fruitful and on Saturday morning he became the last member added to the elections candidate’s list.

Georgiadis, who has previously served as Greek Health Minister, will face off against former Administrative Reform Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis, interim New Democracy President and former National Defense Evangelos Meimarakis and current Governor of the Central Macedonia region Apostolos Tzitzikostas.

The initial decision to reject his candidacy application produced backlash from the other three candidates.

Meimarakis reportedly stated his disagreement during the Central Election Committee’s meeting on Friday. He further addressed the matter during a speech on Saturday, in which he noted that the initial move to bar Georgiadis was wrong and that the other candidates stand behind him.

Mitsotakis expressed his disapproval via his official twitter account on Friday

“I do not agree with the rejection of Georgiadis’ candidacy… Extreme adherence to the book by the Central Election Committee,” he wrote.

Apostolos Tzitzikostas echoed Mitsotakis’ sentiment also through his twitter account.

“I disagree with the disqualification of Adonis Georgiadis. He should be allowed to be a candidate provided that he has the required number of signatures,” Titzikostas noted.

Georgiadis’ exclusion was also criticized by former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who called it a wrong decision that will hopefully be reversed.

The official date of the elections has not been announced as of yet.


  1. Samaras is competent. If he publicly supporting Adonis Georgiadis under such circumstances probably someone to consider.

    Of course what matters most though is determining if Geordiadis is about trying to be popular by saying pleasant lies simply to buy votes (like Tsipiras, Papandreou, et al..) or about adhering to economic principles that can sometimes be unpleasant in short term but necessary for long term prospects.

  2. “Samaras is competent.”

    The Samaras regime in #s

    27% unemployment
    1.2 mln lost jobs
    60% youth unemployment
    30% businesses closed
    40% drop in salaries
    50% cut in defense spending leaving our coastal borders vulnerable
    400% increase in uninsured Greeks to 2.5 mln
    30% drop in health care spending
    100% increase in poverty
    50% increase in suicides
    41% of all children in poverty
    250% increase in households without electricity
    35 bln in social security losses
    250k young scientists leaving Greece
    30% fall in GDP
    75% increase in debt to gdp.

  3. ND Central Committee’s reluctant acceptance of Georgiadis candidacy suggests he doesn’t stand a chance at becoming the party leader.