Refugee Invasion of Europe

migrantsThe depressing sight of the endless exodus of migrants attempting to enter Europe raises serious questions as to why the sudden but spontaneous mass movement of thousands upon thousands of people coming from Turkey’s refugee holding camps and why now?

The tide of more than 45,000 migrants entering EU crossings each day appear well organized and displays that the crowds know precisely where to go and how to get there. Most are landing on the shores of Greece and Italy where both of those nations are at the forefront of a refugee invasion. Is this intrusion one of desperation for survival or opportunism? It may be a bit of both…..

Many of the Syrian and Iraqi refugees however, do not seem to be the war and famine victims one has been exposed to in the past. The majority of them are young, well educated and equipped with the latest mobile communication devices. They also paid a lot of money to human smugglers to join the various routes so they can enter Europe. Costs range between 1500 to 6000 euros and the meaning of “refugee” has now taken a new interpretation. Never in the history of mankind has such a mass movement of despairing people been experienced before.

Is this simply a coincidence or a strategic plan of refugee dumping on others to undermine western values, social and political order? Whatever the reasons, it’s working. Member-states of the EU are now split and countries affected, are openly accusing other member states for dumping thousands of migrants on their borders.

As civilized nations Europeans have responded positively to the unrelenting human tragedy with humanitarian aid and support but devious minds have also taken advantage of the situation. Turkey, the Islamic State (IS) including smugglers are certainly at the helm of this human chaos for their own ends; be it political, economic or religious fundamentalism!

Could it be conceivable the IS has triggered a clandestine Islamic invasion against the west? Or, could it also be plausible that some of those healthy young men and women are embedded terrorists to unleash Jihad deep in the heart of Europe? Such questions are not isolated but heads of states are now seriously debating and questioning the legitimacy of the tide of Muslim refugees in Europe. Phobia or not, MI5 and other agencies are on the alert and defensive measures are being put in place to combat the likely Jihadist scenario for an attack.

In response, Hungary has closed its borders with razor wire and has instructed its army to stop the multitudes entering its borders. That decision is in direct contradiction to the Schengen Accord principle – open borders. This demonstrates that EU policy is shambles when dealing with a crisis.

Why are thousands of young men refusing to remain behind and defend their country against the IS evil? And, why are those young mothers risking the lives of their children climbing aboard rickety boats and crossing dangerous seas at the risk of drowning? Are they not afraid of losing their lives and if so why? That’s not normal; not unless they believe in martyrdom. If that’s the case, then a new monster is being unleashed against Europe; one that may be difficult to contain.

Destitute refugees would normally be grateful for given safety and protection but not the current migrants. Three hundred were recently saved from drowning outside Cyprus waters, and yet, ungratefully refused to remain on the island by demanding to be transported to Italy; in Denmark they objected 700 Euros allowance as being too low; in Greece they angrily yelled “jihad.” Such questionable behavior raises more questions than answers.

Screening thousands of those migrants at border crossings has become a nightmare and Turkey is at the epicenter of this nightmare. It is estimated that there are over three million Syrian refugees stranded and scattered throughout Turkey and most are being exploited as cheap slave labor in the farming industry. Others are trapped in holding camps across the Syrian/Turkish border. Ankara has now decided not to stop refugees leaving the camps and turned a blind eye to the trauma of tens of thousands of people on their way to the Greek islands.

Greece, the poorest EU member-state, has been bearing the brunt of this refugee human tide, which has destabilized the entire region. It appears that Ankara’s refugee dumping is politically motivated and the UN including the West have failed or refused to condemn and rebuke Turkey’s behavior for triggering the current dehumanizing tsunami.

Greece has found itself in the center of the eye of the storm. Human smugglers have systematically targeted the Aegean leaving the Greek islands to be become the frontline of the current tragedy. The humanitarian task is enormous, so enormous in fact that over 4,000 refugees keep landing each day in Lesvos alone. Providing food, shelter, and services to the swarm is becoming not only intolerable but also unsustainable.

In fact Greece should be praised for its humanitarian contribution and support to those in need and the EU as well as the USA should start sharing the cost burden. Meanwhile, the islanders’ tranquil lifestyle has now been disrupted beyond recognition with no end in sight!

With Turkey’s scrutiny, smugglers have now outlined a new and much safer route to northern Europe. This is a land route that would continue to dump thousands of refugees at the Thrace/Evros Greek border crossings! The destitute have been instructed through the social media to gather at the outskirts of Andrianoupolis along the Turkish-Bulgarian borders until it’s time to make the invasion into Greece and then Europe.

Greece has once more, singlehandedly found itself at the frontline of this tragedy….

All considered, there is a clear evidence of sheer hypocrisy on behalf of the United Nations when it comes to aggression. Without legal justification, they have been influenced to allow destabilization and destruction of ancient nations in the name of “democratization” and “regime change.” Starting with the Iraq war, the USA-led coalition military onslaught has been one of the major contributing factors for the current plight of millions of refugees in the Mesopotamia.

Yet, the United States, which in fact should have behaved more civilized and mare humanely, failed to act and initiate a humanitarian program to accept its share of Syrian/Iraqi refugees in the USA. Instead, they are “passing the buck” to Europe – out of sight out of mind.

It is absolutely incomprehensible and most brutal to allow thousands of Syrian refugees, women and children to crisscross arduous journeys across countries on foot instead of picking them up at the point of origin with safely and transport them under a well-organized UN humanitarian operation. There are solutions to their plight but certainly not the mindset to do so!

The UN has in fact broken the fundamental principles of international law to prevent “crime of aggression” as defined by the Nuremberg Principles of “planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression.” A war of aggression is defined as a war fought for the purpose other than self-defense defined in articles 33 and 51 of the UN Charter. Wars initiated in Iraq, Syria and Libya can be considered wars of aggression and are mostly responsible for initiating the current refugee pandemonium.

The Nuremberg tribunal described aggression as “the supreme international crime,” and the Iraq/Libya/Syria war has caused the death of nearly one million people and has triggered the biggest refugee crisis ever seen in a civilized society. Instigated by US ambitions for “regime change” those wars rank amongst the greatest crimes the world has ever seen.

Casus belli* has been used to justify those wars of insanity; a lunacy that nurtured and saw the rise of the Islamic State now set on a jihad against the rest of the world! If civilized nations can act so brutally, why not petty dictators or fundamentalists! Human lives simply have now become insignificant and “collateral damage” to be disposed at will because there are those who believe that: Might is Right!

Helping nations to negotiate conflicts rather than using aggression would certainly help to defuse wars from starting. Foremost, helping refugees to stay in their own homeland by ending the support of rival factions would be a giant leap forward to peace and security. Stability and economic growth in one’s own country would certainly eliminate the need of the young to migrate abroad other than education for greater knowledge and understanding.

Meanwhile, the merchants of death finance wars for profit by providing credit and weapons of destruction to combatants to kill one another as long as they can guarantee the loans of the loser. The current policies incite strife-torn regions to become a cesspit of brutality and the cradle of a new crop of refugees. When people have nothing to lose or aspire to, fundamentalism through hopelessness is the end result.

Under these conditions, the exodus of refugees into Europe would not stop but would escalate unless radical changes are initiated. Unfortunately, the current problem of refugee dumping by nations is taking on a new meaning — one that nobody knows how it will end. Europe has now become the new playground…

Casus belli*: an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war.


  1. Turkish authorities are not persecuting Syrian refugees, Turkey is not a warzone.

    Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis etc ARE SAFE in Turkey, so when they choose to leave the safety of Turkey and cross over into Greece what is their motivation?

    Since they are not leaving Turkey to escape violence, what is their reason for leaving? Well, there is only one reason, and we all know it – (although dishonest Marxists will deny it) – the reason they leave the safety of Turkey and try to enter the EU is to get access to the economic, & welfare benefits offered by the EU, this makes them illegal economic immigrants.


    ‘It’s an estimate based on the observations of officials on the ground, especially the federal police,’ the interior ministry spokesman said.

    EU border guard agency Frontex has warned a market in fake Syrian passports has sprung up, particularly in Turkey.

    GOOGLE: “Germany admits a third of migrants who claim to be Syrian are lying… as even UN’s refugee agency says current problems are ‘the tip of the iceberg’”

  3. Mathias Fiedler, who works for BorderMonitoring . Eu. has started an online social media campaign called Crossingnomore which aims to encourage illegal immigrants and alleged refugees to cross over from Turkey into Greece via Greece’s land border with Turkey in Thrace, rather than via boat in the Aegean sea. 

    Marxist websites promote the #crossingnomore social media campaign. Google: #crossingnomore: “We don’t want to drown no more!” The article begins as follows.
    Note from the LeftEast editors: this article has been written by Mathias Fiedler, currently in Istanbul, for BorderMonitoring . Eu. The article is reprinted here with the permission of the author. We also insert a video which the Marxist website Marksist . Org has published with the voices of the Syrian refugees at the Edirne bus terminal.

    Surname meaning for “Fiedler”

    German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a professional fiddle player, or a nickname for a skilled amateur, from Middle High Germanvidelære, German Fiedler (Yiddish fidler). The instrument (Old High German fidula) is named from Late Latin vitula.

    I wonder why Mr Fiedler DOESN’T encourage these Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis etc to cross into Israel, and why he only encourages them to cross into Europe. Interesting question isn’t it.

    See also Kathimerini article titled: “Refugees blocked in Turkey inch towards Greek border”

  4. The Turkish government facilitates the arrival of illegal 3rd world immigrants to Greece, in line with the “Ozal doctrine”, initiated by former Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Özal who stated that:

    “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few millions illegal immigrants from Turkey and finish with them.”

  5. “The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.” – US Secretary of State, the Jewish American Henry Kissinger addressing a group of Washington, D.C. businessmen in Sept.1974, as reported in the popular Greek magazine, Oikonomikos Tachydromos on 14 Aug. 1997)

  6. Article from September 2014.

    Greek authorities have evidence that there are about 80-100 people of Arab origin in Greece who belong to extremist Muslim groups and are suspected to have links with jihadists. – See more at:

    You can bet the numbers are far higher today!

    Golden Dawn has warned repeatedly that it is only a matter of time before one of these Islamist Jihadist psychopaths, or worse still, a group of these Islamist psychos launches a horrific terrorist attack in Greece, and slaughters scores, and perhaps hundreds of Greek civilians! If such a preventable tragedy were to occur, the blood of the victims will be on the hands of Leftists, who have made every effort under the sun to support and excuse mass 3rd world (largely Islamic) immigration into Greece. We’ve seen the carnage these Islamists are willing to inflict on non-Muslims in London, Paris, Madrid, etc.

  7. Funny that GR didnt waste time to label those that spoke out about this ages ago as nazi racist fascists. GR also cheered when along with many of its readers when members of the GD were arrested who just happened to be the only party that warned everyone about this.

    Now that the russians are bombing ISIS and obama’s “moderate” beheaders who now have them on the run, guess where they will end up like many others already have? But stating the obvious using basic common sense and logic which doesnt require rocket science will get you jailed or branded a nazi by many across the continent and the world. Maybe after women are only allowed in burkhas on the beach at Glyfada etc(if they are lucky enough not to be used as sex cattle) then maybe….just maybe will they realise and admit the GD and sensible folk were right all along

  8. Wow, I’m surprised that this article got approved. Your spot on brother. Terrible times ahead for Europe unfortunately. The leaders have made a massive mistake letting so many Muslims into Christian Europe.

  9. Its time the world started waking up to the threat of Islam. Since the 19th Century the Hindu’s in India have been crying about the threat of Islam in its nation to the World, but back then the whole world payed deaf ears to India. Now the stup*d western world realised what this threat means, and so now atleast begin to act before Islam invades your countries.

    Do a little history on “Bharat” or ‘Greater India’ which extended all the way from Afghanistan to Indonesia, and adhered to Sanātana Dharma or Hinduism. Now most of those countries are Islamic countries, barring the beautiful India.

    Indonesia’s National Airline : Garuda; name is a Hindu god, appearing in Ancient India and is a representation of Hindu God Vishnu, though Indonesia is now a Muslim country. Strange for a Muslim country to have its national airline, national bird and other national symbols based on another religion, no?

    Maldives was Hinduism then Buddhism following country unless at some dark point in their history Islam spread through in, and is now an Islamic Country.

    Also, one would find many old Hindu temples In Bali (Indonesia) , Afghanistan, Malaysia and southeast asia, all evidence of the history of those now so-called Islamic countries.

    Wake up West, wake up, before your countries end up with similar histories!

  10. Yes, these beheaders on the run you mention will soon be coming to Greece then pumped up to Europe as well.
    Already, some of these killers have made it to journey, traveling with the other migrants.
    Even in interviews, the migrants have told reporters that they recognized a terrorist from al-Nusra or some other militant group. The police and border control at these countries does not bother or care about this when they are informed by the honest migrants. Just passing them on to the next country.

    I am wondering if and when Germany will start flying them back to their home countries or Turkey. There are flights from Germany everyday to Kosovo, sending the ethnic Albanian asylum-seekers back.

  11. Those caught lying should be imprisoned or held until they can be flown back to their home country or Turkey (which launched them into Europe).

  12. Islam violently eradicates other religions, destroying any evidence of non-muslim heritage. TODAY Islamic State militants destroyed the Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra, a monument that dates back to the Roman empire.

    GOOGLE: “Isis blows up Arch of Triumph in 2,000-year-old city of Palmyra.”

  13. Islam does not tolerate other religions, once Muslims become a majority or gain total power in a country they destroy even the evidence of a nation’s non-muslim heritage. TODAY Islamic State militants destroyed the Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra, a monument that dates back to the Roman empire.

    GOOGLE: “Isis blows up Arch of Triumph in 2,000-year-old city of Palmyra.”

    European civilization, & the cultural monuments built across Europe by the ancestors of indigenous Europeans, such as Christian cathedrals will be similarly eradicated in the future if Europe becomes Islamicized, as it surely will be if the massive inflow of Muslim foreigners both (legal and illegal) continues.

    All Muslim immigration to Europe (both legal and illegal) must be halted as Marine le Pen, currently France’s most popular politician, has suggested.

  14. islamism, at the heart of it, is an extreme right wing movement that shares many similarities with nazism – if we look at laws predicated on islam in the seat of islam, we see that islamism and nazism is almost indistinguishable- death to apostates, death to blaphemers, death to homosexuals, no freedom of religion, marginalised women’s rights. This coupled with extreme anti jewishness and antisemetism in almost every muslim majority nation makes islam and nazism very closely aligned imo, if not indistinguishable – we have a staggering number of violent anti jewish attacks in france, sweden and many other european nations, mostly by muslim men – including shocking muredrs of jewish schoolchildren in toulouse, murders of jewish grocery shoppers in paris, crowds of muslims and leftists screaming death to jews in paris last year…. its without a doubt that leftists are enabling a new form of nazism in europe. Its no coincidence that in france, almost every jewish school is guarded by heavily armed guards… this is the utopia that leftists are creating

  15. i highlighted this to leftists on these forums… they counter with claims of islamaphobia even when the facts are that these muslims are lying


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