Greek PM Tsipras to Present Gov’t Policy to Plenary


Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras on Monday will present the government policy from the floor of the first plenary after the September 20 elections.

Tsipras will have to ask from the plenary to vote for the new reforms and measures the third bailout program requires and their rapid implementation. He will stress the need for a successful completion of the first review that will unlock further aid funds and a new discussion on debt restructuring with creditors.

According to a government source, the prime minister’s speech will focus on four axes, namely the state debt, economic development, reform of public administration, and the fight against clientelism and corruption.

Tsipras will stress the importance of restructuring public administration for a more efficient and fair state; the importance of the battle against tax evasion and corruption; the significance of economic growth for the benefit of the people; the urgent need of debt restructuring that will have a positive impact on growth.

The same source says that the prime minister will underline the achievements of the previous seven-month term of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government, such as the digitization and the proposed evaluation in the public sector. He will also stress the fact that he received a fresh mandate because he has gained the trust of Greek people.

Tsipras will also criticize main opposition New Democracy by comparing his successes with the failures of the conservative party when in government.

Finally, the prime minister will present what he has called “a parallel program” that would ease the harsh austerity reforms the bailout agreement requires.

On Wednesday, the prime minister will ask for a vote of confidence from the Greek Parliament.