Tax Inspectors Verbally Abused at Greek Fair for Imposing Fine on Merchant

Source: Youtube

Tensions rose at a fair in the area of Florina in Macedonia, Greece when tax inspectors imposed a fine on a merchant who was selling their product at the fair.

Greek media reports that the three tax inspectors who attended the fair were verbally abused for issuing a 2,500 euro fine to a merchant who printed receipts with an undeclared cash register. The undeclared register means that while the receipts were being printed, they would not be detected by Greek tax authorities.

In a video that surfaced attendees can be heard shouting to the tax inspectors accusing them of doing a “bad thing”, of being disgraceful and dishonourable. One man claimed that this is offensive to the “public space and to the people,” and there were calls for the inspectors to leave the fair.