Council of State Opens Way for Erecting Mosque in Athens

council of stateThe Council of State rejected an appeal of 111 residents of Votanikos area in Athens who were against the building of a Muslim mosque. The decision paves the way for the erection of the first Muslim mosque in Athens.

The Votanikos residents, who presented themselves as Greek Orthodox Christian Citizens,  had appealed to a decision by the Council that a mosque can be erected at Votanikos with state funding in an abandoned building that belongs to the Greek Navy.

The 111 citizens had asked for the cancellation of the project claiming it was unconstitutional and illegal on the grounds of environment protection and the separation of powers, citing articles 24 and 26 of the Greek Constitution. They also claimed that the building is not consistent with the history and aesthetics of the city.

However, Greece’s highest administrative court ruled that the legislative framework for the construction of the mosque does not violate the principles of equality and freedom of expression of religious belief, but instead it protects the Muslims’ rights. According to the court, the construction of the mosque is necessary as Greece is bound by the international treaties it has signed and by its Constitution that protects religious freedom.

For the construction of the mosque the Ministry of Development has allocated 946,000 euros (including VAT) and the auctioning of the project has been approved. The controversial mosque will be built on an area of ​​17 acres on Iera Odos street that used to be a car workshop of the Greek Navy in the Navy Fortress of Votanikos.


  1. Muslims certainly have a right to have mosques anywhere in Greece. That said, most of the Muslims in Athens entered our country illegally. And while both our leftists and Muslim illegals are quick to demand a Mosque in Athens… neither are anywhere to be found when it comes to demanding churches, synagogues and other types of places of worship be allowed in Mecca.

    The cowardice of our leftists to call out obvious hypocrisy is precisely why Greek leftists are irrational. In an effort to show their alleged foreign comrades how they are cosmopolitan antinationalists against racism, they literally show prejudice to their own kin.

  2. Finally our Muslims friends will have a real mosque in Athens. The only sad part is that the tax payer money goes to its building….. Separation of religions and politics is essential to have peace and mutual respect in society.

  3. when will christians have to right to build a church in saudi arabia? or are you going to tell me christian rights in saudi arabia are irrelevant to you?

  4. Saudi Arabia is a terrible dictatorship, I agree, Christians as other minorities (Hindus, Buddhists, etc… ) should have their rights respected in Arab countries too. That includes the right to have their own places of worship.
    Only: religions and states should be separated. If you believe in Mickey Mouse, the state does not pay money to Disneyland as far as I know…

  5. Leftists are hypocrites, but you are a MASSIVE HYPOCRITE as well Phil. You support pseudo-conservative New Democracy, you’ve made that clear many times on Greek reporter articles, BUT YOU IGNORE THE FACT THAT in 2013 the ND-PASOK coalition regime led by your hero Antonis Samaras gave the go ahead for the construction of this mosque in Athens, that will service the illegal muslim immigrants that arrived mostly under the watch of successive ND, & PASOK governments, (asides from the 400,000 illegal immigrants that entered Greece thus far in 2015 under the watch of Marxist SYRIZA and their pseudo-right wing junior coalition partner ANEL.)

    In a 2013 speech, Antonis Samaras announced his plans to grant illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections!!! Search on You Tube, “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες” to watch Samaras making this announcement.

    ONLY Golden Dawn openly opposed the construction of this New Democracy – Pasok approved mosque!

  6. You are in no position to lecture about ethics when you have turned a fascist into an idol much like the leftists irrationally idolize a communist.

    Unlike communists and fascists, I am not oblivious the mistakes ND has made. And although I respect Samaras this doesn’t mean I agreed with everything he did. I choose ND because it remains, by far, the best party currently available. Fascists, communists, and nation destabilizing whiners that support no one are not rational options.

    Unlike those whose loyalties are to their political parties my
    allegiance is to Hellenism first and foremost not parties. And when I say Hellenism I
    don’t mean anyone that calls themselves Greek or thinks Christianity or multiculturalism is “Greek”. For me Hellenism is the culture of ancient
    Hellenes. If some alleged Greek doesn’t try to protect Hellenism I see
    them as no more Greek than any Skopian.

    My ideal party would be one that apologetically supported our private sector . It’s primary economic agenda would be making our private sector efficient rather than catering to demands for socialist handouts. Much like Spartans bred generations of patriotic warriors and generals, we should breed generation after generation of patriotic scientists and entrepreneurs. If our economy can produce things efficiently enough, there is no need for government handouts for the able bodied because the private sector can provide everyone with high paying jobs.

    If we have a strong private sector we also would have have a strong military. We could use it to protect our borders through a combination of advanced technology and compassion. Nuclear weapons to point at the capital cities of our enemies. Drones to protect our borders. Rapid deportations for illegal migrants while still providing legitimate refugees temporary humanitarian sanctuary (rather than citizenship)

    I would also prefer a far more hard line stance in the name dispute then even GD takes. Were it up to me, not only would I retract the offer for composite name, I would remove state recognition of every single nation that calls them “Macedonians” in tit-for-tat retaliation for their unethical evasions over obvious irredentism (effectively enabling Skopjians to hide their stupidity of recognizing them)

    Only nations that removed recognition and officially apologized would receive state recognition. The rest we should work towards eradicating their identities through a new round of Hellenization. Since they claim names and identities don’t matter, the foreigners that ridiculed us for warning against recognition should have no problem speaking Greek and calling themselves Greeks.

    Unlike black shirted ogres GD that think their Nazi salutes are still an effective form of persuasion, the right way to undermine nations today is through soft power “human rights” games our enemies are playing (while our clueless leftists fantasize their motives are ethics) . Flood their countries with illegal migrants and call them fascists and racists if they object. Work towards changing the demographics of their nations. Work to get other languages officially recognized in their nations. Support multiculturalism and intermarriage in their nations as a tool to destroy their ethnic and national character.

    Even the US can be dismantled this way. In retaliation for the nation of assimilators recognizing Skopje, we should support Spanish as an official second language in the US. Support Mexican nationals irredentism against the US (Large tracts of US used to belong to Mexico. if demographics change enough, they can go back to Mexico). We should also be working towards getting several native Indians states recognized within current US territory. Since Americans like to go around the world with ad-hoc claims state recognition and self-determination is an absolute right.. they should be finally held accountable for their massive theft of native Indian territory and centuries of native Indian oppression. When Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, the native Indians have a day of mourning.

    In short, if any country officially calls Skopians “Macedonians”, work inch by inch to destroy them not through force but through the subtle tangent of deleting their identities.