New Democracy Leader Criticizes Greek PM for IMF Report

MeimarakisA few hours after a confidence vote for the new Greek government, the New Democracy Interim President Evangelos Meimarakis criticized the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for the International Monetary Fund’s report that warns of additional measures needed for the Greek economy to secure the primary deficit targets.

A few days ago Mr. Tsipras, who visited the United States, told us that we and (Greek Economy Minister) Mr. Stathakis visited the IMF. Now the IMF has sent us a new report, for new measures, above 1 billion euros,” he said and added “I want to emphasize that he should not even consider bringing new measures to parliament.”

Meimarakis also addressed Greek government spokesperson Olga Gerovasillis’s remarks on Monday concerning the upcoming Greek parliament vote on the prior actions Greece must legislate to collect an additional 2 billion euros of bailouts funds. Gerovasilli noted that due to time constraints, all of the prior actions will be legislated in a single law.

“At the same time, as I have been hearing that the legislation that is coming up, will include one article, I want to tell him (Tsipras) that the the democratic operation of the parliament is not being enforced in this manner. And his intent is completely different than what he elaborated to us yesterday,” he said.

Tsipras and Meimarakis engaged in a heated exchange in the Greek Parliament on Wednesday prior to the confidence vote, with the New Democracy leader accusing the Greek premier of holding elections before implementing austerity measures.

Less than 3 weeks has past since the Greek elections and Meimarakis is already suiting up for his next electoral encounter: the race for New Democracy‘s presidency. The interim president is one of the four candidates contending for the party’s reign.

The date of the elections have yet to be determined.


  1. Evangelos Meimarakis is far better than Tsipiras but he still isn’t a good leader. Like Karamanlis he’s unprincipled. He tries too hard to say what leftist populists want to hear to get elected rather say what is right for Greece (even if it makes him unpopular like Samaras). Marxist Tsipiras approach of appealing to the emotions of our leftists may win elections but is also the reason why Greece is in so much government debt with no private sector.

    And the unpopular truth is we have bred a generation of incompetent self-righteous spoiled brats that have convinced themselves it’s the job of government to create an economy and feed them rather than the job of millions of Greeks (including ourselves).