Official Probe Launched Into Images Showing Greek Policeman Kicking Migrants

Source: Facebook

New pictures circulating on social media allege that not everything went smoothly while Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was giving Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann a tour of the Greek island of Lesvos, om Tuesday.

Pictures posted on Facebook by user Saverio Serravezza, depict a Greek police officer allegedly kicking migrants and refugees at the Moria refugee settlement, located in the city of Mitilini, the capital of Lesvos.

Serravezza alleges that while this was going on in the Moria settlement where Afghans, Iraqis and other migrants of non-Syrian descent are staying, Tsipras and Faymann were at the Kara Tepe reception centre, where Syrian refugees were staying. Apparently the Kara Tepe center was cleaned and well-organized.

An official probe into these allegations was launched on Thursday, according to Greek media reports.


  1. Near 400,000 illegal immigrants and pseudo-refugees (There is NO WAR in Turkey, Turkish authorities aren’t persecuting Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans etc) have poured into Greece from Turkey in 2015, mostly since June, with Lesbos being the main point of entry, and an exhausted, frustrated policeman who is at the frontline of this invasion, trying his best to handle the disaster brought about by the Marxist SYRIZA regime refusing to secure Greek borders, lashes out with a kick and now his job and livelihood is on the line. Look at the photo (and you can’t see what’s to the right of the policeman) but just from what’s visible I see ONE policeman and about 30 illegal immigrants, how is he supposed to control these persons, by saying “please”? They don’t speak Greek. There is no balance or understanding of the pressures Greek police are subjected to, Golden Dawn condemns the vicious Marxist political-media establishment’s attempt to destroy this police officers life.

  2. If you look closely, the policeman appears to be using his foot to push rather than kick the illegal immigrant, perhaps to avoid having to touch them with his hands which could expose him to getting a disease.

    They are all dirty and smell, he might not want to touch them with his hands, as he isn’t wearing gloves, so he pushed one with his foot to get him to move in a certain direction. It’s not a forcefull kick, it’s a push.

    Yet another Greek citizen is now being personally impacted due to the tsunami of illegal immigration. Where are foreign NGO’s when illegal immigrants kick, spit on and throw objects at police or beat, rape and murder Greek civilians? Nowhere. Complete silence.

  3. If that is proved that this officer kicked a refugee, he should be several punished and kicked out from the police force. If he did not mistreated any refugee, an apology from the reporter should be presented. A fully detailed investigation must be conducted as an stats of law who call itself democratic.