Lack of Staff Keeps UNESCO Heritage Temple of Apollo Epicurius Closed on Weekends

The ancient Greek Temple of Apollo Epicurius is open to visitors only on weekdays from 08.00-15.00 (local time) and remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays, the country’s Culture ministry said in a press release, responding to media reports criticizing the lack of staff at the site on weekends.

“The monument is protected by security personnel…and pressure on the Administrative Reform Ministry to ensure permanent staff in underway,” the announcement added.
The problem arose recently after the retirement of the last permanent security guard on site and was made public by a press release of the National Union of Employees Guarding Antiquities.
The UNESCO heritage monument, located in the remote archaeological site of Vasses in the region of Messenia, dates from mid to late 5th century BCE and is considered one of the best preserved ancient sites and incorporates a multitude of unusual features.
(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. Another archaeological jewel of Greece not accessible to tourist (foreign and domestic) due to public workers incompetence and lack of organization. This kind of sites interest particularly the late season foreign visitor who tend to be older (retirees or people without kids), more educated and with higher spending power. So not only this bad organization has an economic cost but also an image cost on the country: which is worst in the long run?


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