ND Leader Meimarakis: ‘We Can Exit the Memoranda with Faith and Vision’

Evangelos Meimarakis“With faith and vision we can get out of the memoranda and the country can move forward on a growth course,” said New Democracy (ND) leader Evangelos Meimarakis, who attended the celebrations for the liberation of the city of Kozani from the Turkish.

Meimarakis also accused the government of taking decisions with painful measures that lead to recession. “We feel sorry for them, we do not support them, we look to the future and move forward,” he underlined.

Asked on whether New Democracy will vote for the prior actions, Meimarakis replied: “New Democracy, in principle, will support anything it considers positive, constructive, restructuring and will condemn any measure that is recessionary, such as cuts and taxes, just to maintain an inefficient large state. Therefore, we will decide when the bill is tabled in Parliament.”


  1. Faith and vision will get you nowhere.. Action and doing something will..
    Enforcement will too…But this will not happen in Greece.. Never has.. never will

  2. Some bright reporter listening to Evangelos’ rhetoric should have asked ND’s interim leader who did he specifically mean by “WE”.

  3. Too bad reporters are too scared to ask REAL questions to this old dinosaur,,, such as : “Do you really think ANYONE should listen to the ND party since you got Greece INTO this EURO currency mess by HIDING Greece’s true debt size, by LYING to every EuroGroup agency to gain entry, and along with the PASOK party taking on BILLIONS of UNECCESSARY EURO LOANS because your banker mafia pals in Brussels, Berlin, and Paris told you to ???!!!

  4. Pathetic. Muzak for the ever-shrinking audience that will vote ND until the last trumpet. Speaking of which Donald Trump is a shining star of brain cells & philosophy compared to this.