Athenian Bar Just Named the 22nd Best in the World

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Athens, the Greek capital, is well known for its vibrant bar scene and one of its hundreds of pubs just received special recognition.

“The Clumsies” bar, located in downtown central Athens close to Syntagma Square, was ranked as the world’s 22nd best bar for 2015 by the World’s Best Bars online.

“Since Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis opened their bar less than a year ago, they’ve shown nothing but proficiency in tapping into what the locals want and what the movers and shakers in the bar world are looking for”, the review of the pub notes.

Those wishing to work during the day can do so in a series of brightly lit rooms, sip on artisan coffees and enjoy a menu of light bites. In the evening, the mood takes on more of a party vibe with a live DJ and specialty cocktails made in house.

Whatever mood you are in, day or night, or if you feel like imbibing in an inspired adult beverage, The Clumsies is never a bad choice.