European Commission President Pledges Assistance to Greece

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is committed to help Greece as the country is carrying out the agreements outlined in the new bailout package, Greek media reports.

The Greek parliament will have to adopt a series of prior actions during Friday’s parliamentary vote if it is to receive 2 billion euros of bailout funds. The Greek government must implement an array of reforms and austerity measures throughout the three year duration of the 86 billion euro bailout program.

During his visit to Germany, Juncker also claimed relations between the European Union and Greece are on positive path and noted that he trusts Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The Commission president asked that the Greek people be shown respect and solidarity amid the crisis they have been facing these past few years.


  1. Phil not much difference in Juncker’s statements when Samaras was PM. Basically parroting Eurocrat dribble like Dijsselbloem. It is important however to decipher his double talk….as long as Greece continues to pay interest and principal, destroy it’s shipping, farming other industries and tax the nation into poverty, we the EC, will continue to support Greece. Do you see anything that is significantly different when ND-PASOK was in power, because I sure don’t.

  2. Samaras ran on a campaign of no austerity then folded on day one

    the unproductive Greeks are the ND voters who received lucrative government contracts in no bid situations and who were primarily the largest tax evaders. given nothing and taking everything

    foreign tax payers are not funding any social services as 92% of the entire bailout went to fund principal and interest payments to FOREIGN banks and central banks. they bailed out the irresponsible bets of their financial institutions.

    way to insult the entire country from thousands of miles away

    who do you think you are?

  3. Leftists are the chief tax evaders in Greece and while you lecture on Samaras your beloved communist now supports cuts (something you claimed to be against with Samaras)

  4. How did supporting a Marxist work out for you? When is the great roll back of cuts your communist leader claimed he would make going to happen? Oh that’s right. Tsipiras has taken Samaras position and now supports cuts after all.

  5. i never once ever supported tsipras

    explain to us how being anti ND and Samaras equals support for tsipras

    how does supporting austerity work out for you? the all hail grail of economic performance

    now tsipras, samaras 2.0, is implementing your beloved austerity. you must love him