Increase in Ticket Prices to Greek Archaeological Sites and Museums

Members of the Greek Central Archaeological Council approved an increase in ticket prices for archaeological sites and museums across the country. The increase will be implemented as of January 1, 2016 noted the council.

Starting in 2016, the ticket to visit the archaeological site of Acropolis will cost 20 euros, (10 euros reduced ticket price), as opposed to its current price 12 euros (6 euros reduced ticket price). The ticket price to the archaeological site of Knossos in Crete will reach 15 euros (reduced: 8 euros) from 6 euros (reduced: 3 euros). To visit the archaeological site and museum of Mycenae tourists will have to 12 euros, compared to the current entry price of 8 euros.

As for the Greek museums, the ticket price for the most visited museums, the National Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, will increase to 10 euros (reduced: 5 euros).

These prices will only apply during the summer season, from April to October. Ticket prices will will be reduced by 50% in the winter months, while every first Sunday of the winter season, admission will be free.