New Democracy Presidential Candidates Declare Unity Following Conflict

New DemocracyNew Democracy‘s four candidates emerged out of their meeting on Wednesday with a message of party unity.

The four candidates Adonis Georgiadis, Kiriakos Mitsotakis, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, and interim President Evangelos Meimarakis met on Wednesday in the follow up to an inter-party dispute about the electoral process.

“Ahead of the November 22 elections, we, the four candidates for New Democracy’s presidency, met and we are sending a clear message of unity for the party, clarity in the process and strict implementation of protocol. Our only rival is Mr. Tsipras, his government and the land’s problems,” the four candidates noted in a joint statement,

Uncertainty over the party’s elections had boiled following Meimarakis’s accusations that the leaders of the party’s electoral committee were planning to hire a company that would count the votes on election day, so that the presidency could go the way they wanted it to.

On Tuesday, the interim president withdrew his representative from the electoral committee. Meimarakis claimed on Wednesday, that he was satisfied he was able to impose clarity and legality in the process thanks to his intervention and noted that his representative will return to the electoral committee.


  1. If Samaras supports Adonis Georgiadis, we should keep close eye on his views. Samaras isn’t infallible but he is the most competent politician we have had in decades (by comparison it took our perpetually whining, striking and rioting leftist extremists years to figure out cuts were unavoidable)