People Line Up in Barcelona to Listen to Former Greek Fin Min Varoufakis

varou6Hundreds of people lined up in Barcelona to listen to former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, with the pictures of the line bringing to mind scores of fans waiting in line to buy tickets to see their favorite band.

It is confirmed then that Varoufakis is a rock star, like he has been described by many since he appeared in Greek debt negotiations early in the year.

Varoufakis was a guest speaker in an event called “Discussing European Democracy” in Barcelona’s Born Cultural Center.

The countless tweets and photographs posted show that the outspoken university professor may have failed to help Greece’s economy recover, but he managed to build his status as a sought-after speaker and pop icon.


  1. Those people will laugh at what he says while people in Greece cry because of his competence and cockiness.

  2. Its hilarious how people in Greece, including this web site, are burning with HATRED for anyone with a ‘different’ outlook on HOW the Greek ecomomy came to such a chaotic state, and WHAT are the available solutions available to escape its sorry state. Greeks who critisize Varoufakis, even if rightly so, continue to follow the same self-defeating rule: protect and defend your own political party and DISMISS the solutions from all other parties, even if it saves Greece. That hyper-egotism has been and will be the Achiles Heel of the Greek political reality. It weakens Greece to its core, and makes foreign bankers and foreign powers froth at the mouth with delight. And it leaves the rest of us who love Greece as sad as we were under the Ottoman Empire.

  3. His outlook is not the problem. His delusional ideas and his cockiness and his inability to recognized that capital control and the economic tragedy which followed were his mistakes.
    Did you really think Greece got independent tin 1830? or it just past from Ottoman domination to British domination….