Google Celebrates 95 Years Since the Birth of Melina Mercouri

doodle_melinaToday’s google doodlle is dedicated to Melina Mercouri, with a sketch of the famous Greek actress and politician with the Parthenon serving as her bacdrop.

Mercouri is the first Greek politician who started the campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the London Museum in 1982 by making the issue known to the international community.

“I hope to see the Marbles return to Athens before I die. But if that happens later, I will be reborn.”

Today marks 95 years since the birth of Melina Mercouri.


  1. Google isn’t “celebrating”. They are using clever regional oriented marketing to get people in sundry nation to think they are. Rest assured Google management couldn’t care less about Greece… there is a Google dot mk.