Greece’s Open University at Risk Due to Lack of Funds

panThe Greek Open University is in danger of having its study programs cancelled and being shut down due to lack of funds.

A large number of faculty and staff of the Open University is getting paid by a program funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework which expires in a month. The Greek state has not found the funds needed to continue the program, says an Ethnos newspaper report.

There are about 200 people in the faculty and staff who are at risk of losing their jobs after the NSRF program expires. The university cannot operate if the above personnel leave.

At the moment there are about 30,000 students enrolled in the programs of the university. The administrative council has decided to pay salaries from the university’s resources, mainly tuition fees.

However, after pressure from the students and in light of the economic crisis, this year’s tuition fees have been reduced to 500 euros per academic year for undergraduates and 650 euros for graduate students.


  1. A shame as any modern country needs an Open University for those who work and want to continue their education in order to better their living standards.


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