291 Frontex Agents to be Assigned to Greece and Italy

frontexIn response to the continuous influx of migrants and refugees into Greece and Italy, Frontex will deploy a total of 291 agents from 19 different European countries to hotspots in the two Mediterranean countries to assist with the registration and identification process.

The number is less than half of the original 775 border patrol agents that Frontex had asked Schengen Area states to offer on September 2nd.

“We are facing a migratory and refugee crisis. Because of this, Frontex has called on Member States for the first time to provide such a large number of border guards. I appreciate that they have come through with the most officers ever offered,” said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri. “I hope we can move much closer to our goal. For this reason, I would like to stress that Member States can continue sending their contributions even though the deadline for the call has passed.”

In Greece, this hotspot would be on the island of Lesvos, which sees thousands of people arriving at its shores each day. Additional hotspots are expected to open soon elsewhere in the country.

Frontex announced, October 13 that 710,000 people have entered the European Union in 2015. On Tuesday, the United Nation Refugee Agency estimated that more than 500,000 people have arrived in Greece during the same period.

Refugees arrive at Piraeus Port

Two ferries carrying 2,336 refugees from Mytilene and Chios arrived at Piraeus port on Tuesday, while the Coast Guard has rescued another 541 in the last 24 hours.

More specifically, “Blue Star 1” ferry with 1,450 refugees on board and “Nissos Rhodos” with 886 on board have already docked at the port of Piraeus while two more ferries are expected to arrive later in the day.
(With information from :ANA-MPA) 


  1. Why is Greece shoving them all up to little Macedonia?
    Why not send them to Albania or Bulgaria for a change?