Greek Prosecutor Drops Case Against Varoufakis’s Plan B

varoufakisThe public prosecutors’ department announced on Tuesday, its decision to shelve an investigation into former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis over an alleged plan to introduce an alternative currency to Greece, also dubbed ‘Plan B‘.

It said the decision to drop the case was made after a sworn internal inquiry conducted by General Secretary for Public Revenues Katerina Savvaidou and an investigation by the SDOE financial crimes’ squad failed to uncover any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the former minister.

The final decision will be taken by an appeals’ court public prosecutor, however, who will judge whether the first-instance court prosecutor’s conclusion was valid or whether further investigation is called for.

The case was opened last July by Public Prosecutor Christos Ntzouras, acting on instructions from his superior Ilias Zagoraios, who had asked him to look into whether any criminal acts may have been committed by non-politicians involved in ‘Plan B’. Varoufakis had said the plan was being executed in secret, in the case things did not go smoothly in the negotiations with Greece’s creditors.

The case was centred on whether the individuals involved in the plan had violated laws on the protection of personal data and whether they were guilty of misconduct, violating state secrets and acts of currency counterfeiting.

The section of the case pertaining to the former minister in person has been forwarded to Parliament.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. So the “deal” was Varoufakis would not run in exchange for dropping these charges saving Tsipras humiliation if he named names. This is a life lesson sorely missed by most. A Plan “B” remains necessary for the eventuality of a Grexit. Without such plans whether implemented or not, you end up with is the typical knee-jerk reaction totally unprepared to address scenarios that could destroy the economy faster than it already is occurring. A prudent leader must think and plan ahead of events. I’ll give Yanis credit for at least hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

  2. Another cocky incompetent who get no problem whatsoever after having destroyed the country economy and peoples lives.