Athens Jewish Cemetery Vandalized by Neo-Nazi Group

jewish cemetery athensThe main Jewish cemetery in Athens was vandalized by a Greek neo-Nazi group, known as C-18. The vandals sprayed vulgar words and swastikas on the walls, as well as the German word “Raus” which means get out.

The C-18 group, Combat 18 Hellas is a small neo-Nazi group which operates in Greece who took responsibility for the incident by writing their tag on a pillar in the cemetery and later posting a blog post on their website about their “beautiful artistic intervention”.They warned that they were planning on revisiting the cemetery in order to “do it again”.

On its part, the Jewish community of Athens released an official statement condemning the incident that occurred on Wednesday night, October 21. The statement referred to the group as “cowardly Nazis” and called on Greek authorities to take action against the perpetrators, who have openly taken responsibility on their website.

The modern Jewish cemetery in Athens is located in the western suburb of Nikaia. Since the rise in Golden Dawn’s numbers several Jewish and Holocaust memorials have suffered damages at the hands of vandals.



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