British Government Rejects Military Base in Cyprus As a New Migrant Path

syrian_refugeesThe British government has rejected the possibility that a British military base in Cyprus will become a new route for migrants and refugees trying to enter the United Kingdom, Reuters reports.

“We’re not going to allow this to become some kind of new route of migration into Britain,” Reuters quoted a British government spokesperson as saying.

The comment followed after the arrival of 114 migrants and refugees on Wednesday October 21, at the RAF base Akrotiri, located in southern Cyprus.

Arrivals Are Still Being Interviewed 

Civil Defence press officer Olivia Michaelidou has told CNA that the irregular migrants who were rescued early on Wednesday morning off Cyprus’ southern coast, are still being interviewed by the British Bases to establish the facts about their identity and origin.

The migrants (28 children, 19 women and 67 men) were on board two vessels which were located by fishermen in the early hours of Wednesday.

Replying to a CNA question on the progress so far, Michaelidou said that the Civil Defence is waiting for all interviews to be completed so that the status of the migrants can be defined.

(With some information from CNA)


  1. Europeans have their mouth full of ‘Human Rights’ but they don’t want to apply them to refugees from Africa and Asia. What are we for you?

  2. I’ts not enough they build houses with air condition, feed them for free, giving them free health care that even a portion of Greeks do not have and we hear complain. Shame on you with all the economy problems poor people retirement is being cut not enough to pay heating and we have Greek people and of old age taking 2-3 blankets to cover themselves to keep stable not warm. Some beg for money and food to feed their families especially children we have ungrateful people who complain about the generosity of Europeans. I did not mention the threat that impose all those illegal immigrants for we saw violence from those crowds as if they are kings and queens to put them in 5 star hotel accommodations. A LITTLE RESPECT!

  3. This is stereotyping (since all Brits aren’t the same) but the majority of British are only European when it comes time to fighting for some mutual cause or want to sell their goods to the rest of us. The rest of the time its about British interests period.

    This isn’t necessarily wrong but it does gets tiring listing to patronizing Brits constantly self-righteously lecture about xenophobia and racism in other nations when their own country is hostile towards migrants.

    The former French Possession of Britain has six times Greece’s population. Under mystic David Cameron the colony of assimilated Vikings, Basques, Germans, Normans, Romans and many many others that today claim to be “British” has offered to accept a fraction of the amount Greece has received this year alone.

    My own solution to the migrant problem would be to help them on their merry way to any nation that references Skopje “Macedonians”. Since they claim names and identities don’t matter, they shouldn’t mind if we flood their nations with migrants and work to destroy their identities. Country names are just a name after all.

    (Cameron is a Skopje apologist… why I mention the non-British roots of much of the modern inhabitants of modern Britain… including the current reigning German Queen of Sax Coburg and Gotha who references Skopje as “Macedonia” and downplay their bizarre attempt to steal Greek history and irredentism)

  4. Not every African and Asian country is xenophobic but based on your slanderous comment I would bet most of Europe treats migrants far better than people in your original homeland treat migrants. I would first get your own act in order before pointing fingers at others no? Otherwise your unprincipled behavior just makes it appear like you a racist trying to pawn off your motives as ethics.