The Greek Government’s Five Open Fronts With the Creditors

troikaThe troika has requested corrections and new measures that need to be implemented before the upcoming Eurogroup of November 9, where the Eurozone finance ministers will assess Greece’s overall performance during the first months of the bailout program.  Five specific areas are considered crucial for the program’s progress and include the Greek tax system, insurance funds, bank recapitalization, energy market and the changes that should be made to purchasing markets and businesses. This assessments are additional to all of November’s bailout prerequisites. The European institutions’ representatives stressed that certain measures and actions should have been implemented in October or need some more preparation before their implementation which is due before the first assessment.

In regards to the tax system, the representatives requested a new VAT costing cascade in education, the appointment of a new Secretary General of Revenue, the presentation of changes in freelance tax rates and to finalize and implement the bill for voluntary disclosure of undeclared income in previous years.


  1. The EU should not be bothered about Greece as the required changes will not take place. Greek politicians are playing Tom & Jerry with Troika.

  2. I hope you are wrong, because the Europeans are not stupid, they will close the tap immediately. Frankly, as is usually the case in these circumstances, a leftist government probably has more possibiiity of having the neccessary measures accepted by the people than would be the case otherwise.

  3. Asking for staff to be replaced is overstepping ones soverignity.. This is a dictatorship not a partnership or one of a lender…Its disgusting….NO wonder the UK wants to hold a referundum and leave the UK..Who blames them???