15 Year Old Greek Student Creates Robot Humanoid from 3D Printer

Source: ANA-MPA
Source: ANA-MPA

A Greek student now belongs to a very small group of scientists around the world.

Dimitris Hatzis, a fifteen year old student living in Kavala, located in northern Greece has created a life sized robot humanoid from a 3D printer, ANA-MPA reports.

The student’s creation is part of the “InMoov” project, an open source platform that is centred around the development of a life sized robot humanoid from a 3D printer. Those working on their project can get instructions from the platform and also share their progress with other people who are attempting to do the same thing.

Hatzis, who was able to construct the robot after a year of daily work, is now one of the six people in the world who have been able to complete the task. The other five include the original designer of the robot, Frenchman Gael Langevin, two Russians an Italian and a German creator. Hatzis is also the youngest one of this group.

The Greek student told ANA-MPA that he has been in contact with the other scientists, which he regards as his peers. He further noted that each scientist contributes something new to the development of this project, which is constantly developing.


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  2. I am friend of his father ….prof of Polytechnic University …. Guess what? His father is a communist and this young man has even more radical ideas than his father. IN GENERAL you brainless commenter do not merge political beliefs with science and do not draw conclusions which fit your low functioning brain. Sometimes a simple well done is far better than masking the achievements of others with our own personal preoccupations , prejudices, and beliefs.

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