German Newspaper: Greek PM Resorting to Old Tactics

Alexis TsiprasBild newspaper argues that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is returning to some of his past practices during the ongoing negotiations with international creditors.

Greece and international creditors have yet to finalize an agreement on a list of reforms and measures that Greece must legislate to receive an additional two billion euros of bailout funds.

Bild writes that the Greek government is refusing to implement substantial reforms and abide to the agreements it made, even though it knows that this is the way to unlock the additional bailout funds. The newspaper further accuses Tsipras of not wanting to pay back the private sector as well as the tax returns that the government owes.

The Greek Prime Minister is also facing pressure from workers’ unions, Bild notes, which are reacting to the new austerity measures and reforms. The German newspaper also reminds its readers that the Greek state must pay 1.4 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund in December.



  1. Tsipras’ Bait and Switch tactic should be no surprise to anyone including the German Newspapers. If they are that gullible they deserve to look like fools.