Israel Provides Medical Aid for Refugees in Greece

syrian_refugeesIsrael has provided the Greek state with 1.5 tons of medicine to take care of refugees arriving at the Greece.

The medicine was delivered to Greece on Monday after Israel coordinated the supply with Greek Minister of Health Andreas Xanthos. The medicine will be dispensed in areas where there is a need for medical care for large numbers of refugees, including the center of Athens and the Greek island of Lesvos, Samos, Kos and Rhodes.

Israeli non government organizations, such as IsraAID are also assisting with the refugee crisis in Greece, the Israeli embassy in Athens noted. These NGOs are working with the Greek government as well as the United Nations Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration, to offer medical and mental support to migrants and refugees.



  1. Those that hand money to Greece for refugees, regardless nation, are full of baloney unless they also take their fair share of middle east, Asian and African refugees.

    The Marxists in our government are foolish for accepting even a dime of money from nations that do not take their share of refugees. The money they are giving isn’t to help refugees. Its a manipulative form of nationalist propaganda. (trying to get good press while they reject
    refugees in their own country, propaganda which of course gullible leftists always fall for)

    The only funds Greece should accept is from nations that take refugees proportional to their population. If they don’t, we help refugees on their merry way to those countries (especially nations that reference former Yugoslavians as “Macedonians” since they claim names and identities don’t matter)