Greek Health Minister Xanthos’ Warning about the Greek Healthcare System

xanthosThe Greek healthcare system is in constant danger of a blackout, admitted Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, recognizing the citizens’ ordeal and economic burden. “The healthcare system condition is on the verge of falling apart and the government knows this,” he said during an interview with the Greek broadcaster Mega, making comments about the long waiting hours in hospitals.

At the same time he admitted that Greek citizens are being exploited when faced with the healthcare system in the country. According to the minister, a large part of the next 2-billion-euro installment will be allocated to the health sector. He made it clear that the 5-euro hospital fee would not be returning, as well as the 1-euro fee for prescriptions. Finally, he added that the government was planning on reducing the insured citizens’ contribution to medicinal fees.

Xanthos stressed that the government is currently trying to change the situation, however, he admitted that this is not an easy task. He also agreed with the doctors’ warnings regarding the constant blackout risk in the country’s health sector if the government fails to hire more staff.

According to the estimates, the health sector is in need of 25.0000 nurses and 6,000 doctors. Furthermore, Xanthos added that there is a large deficit in equipment and machines in certain hospitals throughout the country.

In regards to pharmacies and the Joint Ministerial Decision, he stressed that the framework of license liberation was given under the agreement with the lenders, but added that the government is planning on controlling the situation.


  1. according to our leftists in charge you get free medical treatment,and free food if you are an illegal muslim immigrant + free housing in many cases but greeks can sleep on the streets and beg for food, if you are sick you can wait in the endless queue and die never receiving any help. What a great leftist utopia Tsipras has brought us!


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