New Tragedy: 11 Refugees and Six Children Drown in the Aegean Sea

Samos_migrandsUnfortunately, there is no end to the refugee tragedies unfolding in the Aegean Sea. Early in the morning on Sunday, November 1, a boat carrying around 50 people, crashed against rocks on the coast of the Greek island of Samos and capsized, just six meters away from the shore, before the passengers were able to disembark.

The tragic shipwreck in Samos caused the death of 11 refugees, whose bodies were recovered from the wreck. The victims were five women, two children and four infants. Another thirteen people survived and were rescued by the Hellenic coast guard, while the port authority has organized an operation, with divers and private boats in order to locate other missing persons.

A few hours later, at noon of the same day, another tragedy occurred, just off the Turkish coast, north of Agathonisi, where another boat carrying refugees and migrants capsized. So far authorities have identified and collected two bodies, while three people have been rescued.

According to one of the survivors, the boat, carrying 15 people sank about half an hour after its departure from the Turkish coast. At this time there are coast guard investigations in progress, in order to locate the other passengers.

Meanwhile, a special operation was in progress on the Greek island of Rhodes, since Sunday morning, for the rescue of another 150-200 refugees and migrants travelling on a relatively large vessel that was immobilized 30 meters off the island coast. An 11-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man have already been transferred to the hospital.

In better news, 3,337 refugees arrived safely at the port of Piraeus from Mytilene and Chios around 12 pm on Sunday.


  1. Europe has to become human again and stop this crime to let people die at sea. They are refugees and migrants, not danger for Europe.

  2. These self declared “refugees” crossing into Greece from Turkey are not fleeing violence in Turkey, there is NO WAR in Turkey they are SAFE there, the Turkish authorities aren’t persecuting them, they are ALL illegal economic migrants who are violating the territorial integrity, sovereignty & immigration laws of multiple European nations, and originate from nations where their Muslim coreligionists have persecuted & ethnically cleansed Christian minorities, such as Iraq, Syria, etc.