Greek PM Tsipras Inaugurates Therapeutic Community for Detained Drug Users

    Tsipras_Drug UsersGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras inaugurated on Monday, the independent therapeutic community KETHEA-Prometheus for detained drug users.

    “It is a window of hope,” Tsipras underlined. He stressed that this therapeutic community constitutes a new approach to the prison policy, which is based on leniency and the ability to provide a second chance.

    The Prime Minister announced that the next steps will involve the building of cooperation between Korydallos prison and the psychiatric clinic of Attikon hospital for the psychiatric treatment of prisoners and the creation of second-chance schools in three prisons.
    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. Tsipiras, much like communists in North Korea, shows up to these places as a form of Marxist political propaganda. In practice despite all his assurances these last few years he would roll back cuts. a massive wave of more cuts are coming/

      Communists are big on words, small on actions. This is why communists lost the cold war. They talked and talked about how much they cared about the people… and that’s all they did. In practice communist run states were ALL poor. ALL oppressive. No exceptions. Eventually the people in most communist states wised up and realized communists had no clue what they were talking about. Self-righteous fanatics that caused encourmous misery in the 20th century but frame dit as “hope”, “human rights” and “democracy”.

      Now someone even remotely rational would look back at the horrors committed by communists in 20th century and realize this. They would realize that mixed economies are the way to go. Someone being even remotely rational would be horrified at the prospect of communists running their country.

      Not Greek leftists though. A Greek leftist is so irrational, so shameless in their expectations other should fund their lives, they vote for a communist and pretend he’s a liberal. With around half the Greek population voting for extreme leftist parties Greece has no future. It is a dying country whose population is about to be replaced by migrants. No Greek language. No Greek toponym. No Greek identity. They new inhabitants will speak of Greece in a historical sense.

      Fortunately Greeks have been in this position before. Despite the treason of the antihellenic left, Greeks can go on without Greece. We have to start preparing for the end by forming Hellenic diaspora organizations. These organizations should be open to all… except “Greek” leftists. They made their choice when they chose their leftist ideology over Hellenism. They are about as “Greek” as a Skopian leftist… or a Turkish leftist… or an American leftist. Leftist agenda and worldview are the same no matter what country you are in. They want us all to be part of their Borg leftist collective. No thanks.

    2. Copy the “therapeutic” programs for drug addicts in Singapore and the problem will be minimalized. Copy the laws of Singapore for drug dealers/smugglers and the problem disappears.