Ships Docked at Greek Ports on Monday and Tuesday

piraeusGreece’s seamen’s federation (PNO) has started their 48-hour strike, which will keep ships docked from 6 am on Monday morning, November 2 to 6 am on Wednesday, November 4.

In a press release, PNO calls on travelers to show understanding for the strike over what it called the destruction of the seamen’s pension fund (NAT), the reduction of permanent positions on passenger ships that endangered traveling and passengers, the reduction of pensions to extremely low levels, and the overall effort by the state to dismantle and destroy medical and social insurance for both retired and active sea personnel.

The union also called on private companies whose vessels are used to transfer refugees from the Aegean islands to the mainland to complete all routes by midnight Sunday.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. The travelers will show understanding even sympathy for the strike, but the “Migrants” waiting excuse me, demanding their free cruise to Piraeus hot meals, medical care and in-transit housing is entirely another story.

  2. This is our problem in Greece, everyone fighting to preserve their ill-gained privileges, irrespective of who else will suffer. It is outrageous that our country folk would strike at this time.

  3. What will this resolve???
    People need transport and medical supplies on the islands..The country is bankrupt …
    Forget about strikes…