German Chancellor Warns of Armed Conflict in the Balkans Over Refugee Issue

merkelGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that closing borders within Europe to avoid refugee influx could lead to military conflict in the Balkans.

Merkel spoke at a conference in Darmstadt in southern Germany. She said that if Germany closed its border to Austria it could result in military conflict, according to a Spiegel report.

Merkel said that the fence built by Hungary on its border with Serbia “will build up fault lines“ between the states in the Balkan region, many of whom were involved in a bloody war in the 1990s.

“I don’t want it to happen that military conflict is once again necessary there,“ Merkel said, adding that while she didn’t want to sound pessimistic, escalation into violence happens more quickly than one thinks.

The chancellor said that the tension in the region is what led her to recently call a conference to discuss the refugee routes through the Balkans.

The danger is that if Germany closes its border then these countries will do likewise, she continued.

Merkel added that it was Germany’s responsibility, as the largest state in the EU, to find a resolution to the problem that encourages solidarity rather than division.

“I am pretty sure we can achieve that,“ said the Chancellor.

German analysts say that Merkel has dramatized the situation trying to add emphasis. They say that she is trying to intimidate Balkan states in order for them to be more open-minded in handling. It is also said that the chancellor tries to defend her refugee policies at home.


  1. She is right: fence and borders are dangerous as they are the cause of bigotry, hatred leading to war and other form of instabilities. The great philosopher Karl Popper had already describe all those danger in his book “The Open Society and Its Enemies” written just after Word War II.
    However, Lady Merkel will need to pay more in order to help the refugees and the Balkan states to integrate them.

  2. I would add… being too open is just as dangerous as being too closed. Too open leads the destruction of one’s nation. Ask the poor natives Indians. Their lands were ruthlessly stolen from them. These crimes (on a vast scale) were airbrushed out of American historian books. To this day native Indians don’t have their own homeland. All stolen from them by thieves whose descendants to this day shamelessly act like these events didn’t happen.

    If the sundry ethnic groups that are assimilated into American ideology actually had any ethics (rather than mostly selfish), they would give at least a piece of the lands they stole from the natives back to them to form their own sovereign nation. Long overdue.

  3. The Balkans are poorly equipped to integrate refugees. The majority should go to nations that like to lecture and fund what they frame as “human rights” in other nations… but then refuse to take refugees in their own countries.

    Greeks should work to flood certain nations in Europe with refugees…especially those that reference former Yugoslavians as “Macedonians”. Since they claim names and identities are a petty matter they shouldn’t mind. Surely their tune won’t change when their nation’s identities are under threat.because they keep assuring everyone they are “human rights’ activists that are above petty nationalist concerns.

  4. Coming to the EU SOON!
    A young Afghan woman was stoned to death after being accused of adultery, officials said on Tuesday, a medieval punishment apparently recorded in a video that harks back to the dark days of Taliban rule.
    The 30-second clip run in Afghan media shows a woman in a hole in the ground as turbaned men gather around and hurl stones at her with chilling nonchalance.
    The woman, named by officials as Rokhsahana and aged between 19 and 21, is heard repeating the shahada, or Muslim profession of faith, her voice growing increasingly high-pitched as stones strike her with sickening thuds.

  5. “I don’t want it to happen that military conflict is once again necessary there,“ Merkel said, – Merkel’s use of the word “necessary” makes it sound like she is threatening to take military action against European nations like Hungary that insist on the basic right to control their own borders and decide who they let into their country and who they don’t. The true tyrannical face of Marxist Merkel is showing more and more. Yes, Merkel is a Marxist.

    GOOGLE: “Portrait Of A Soulless Democrat: Angela Merkel Was An East German Propagandist”

    Beyond leading the Young Communist League, Angela Merkel also held high rank in the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (SED), which was the leading Marxist-Leninist party of East Germany. As a member of the communist youth league, FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) and the chief of propaganda, Ms. Merkel was a fanatical advocate of the vicious regime of East Germany. 

  6. Greece is a way too closed as a society (size pf the state and the church, corruption tribalistic aspects of society, etc…). Don’t mix up Native Americans who were conquered by technologically superior oppressors and the Europeans. Migrants want to become like the Europeans as the Americans never wanted to become Native Americans.
    I don’t see were the Macedonia naming issue has to do with this subject. But you are right ALL European co0untries should take their shares of refugees and immigrants. You probably have a nationalistic chauvinistic issue, you are afraid and might have an inferiority complex. I hope you can fix them and have a more happy life with less fear because Europe is multicultural that we want it or not.

  7. You don’t understand my views at all.

    Unlike leftist fanatics that seem to believe illegal immigration is “human right”, I would not accept a single illegal or refugee as a citizen. I would deport ALL illegal migrants and would give only temporary humanitarian working visas to legitimate refugees. (which is a fair balance between the continued existence of Greece and compassion towards people fleeing for their lives)

  8. The native Indian analogy is perfectly applicable.That’s the position Greeks will eventually be in if they listen to “Greeks” like you. (who are about as “Greek” as a Skopian)

    Rest assured the majority of ethnic French, Koreans, Israeli, Japanese, British, Germans, and anyone else on this planet of consequence thinks closer to my view on immigration than yours. It is extreme leftists that are responsible for triggering extreme right response. The ironic part is that most leftists have no clue they are being manipulated by powerful extreme nationalists that pretend their agenda is leftist ideology solely to push their own national agenda. (three guesses whom)

  9. Its funny when leftist talk about a European identity… when Europeans would be just another form of tribalism! Just one more imagined community!

    The mistake leftists make is they fantasize they can escape nationalism by just saying the words. They are always busy trying to unite into something bigger. Universal empire is not a new idea. Early fundamentalist Christians used it to justify the oppression of ancient Hellenes (why Greeks are Christians today) It is the same outlook that Jihadists of today use to justify oppression in the name of Allah. It is the same justification leftists used to commit countless atrocities during the cold war.

    In reality even a country made purely through ideological assimilation, America, are nationalists!

    You can’t escape something approximating nationalism because it is like gravity to living in civilized society. The trick to nationalism is not trying to pretend gravity doesn’t exist (which will take you off a cliff) but to recognize its existence and deal with it in a rational manner. (rather than say irrational brutes like fascists that fantasized their cruelty to other groups couldn’t be dealt with… or irrational leftists that fantasize they live in a post nationalist world that commit treason)

    Unlike you, ancient Greeks understood this well. We call ourselves Greeks today because for the last two thousand years at least a few cared to remember and preserve ancient Greece. If you claim to be Greek, you are a disgrace to the name Greek and stand in opposition to Hellenism.

  10. “Merkel’s use of the word “necessary” makes it sound like she is threatening to take military action against European nations like Hungary:”

    a. That is not what she is saying. She is saying that if we get too extreme with violent nationalism (i.e. behave all like fascist Golden Dawn or the Hungarian government that effectively encourages violence against refugees) wars will happen.

    b. Hungarian government is a big Skopian supporter. As long as they are, we should play the same “human rights” game our enemies have been playing with Greece (under the mental radar our slow witted leftists). We should do everything in our power to undermine the identities of nations that call Skopjians “Macedonians” since they claim names and identities don’t matter and they are above the petty nationalist concerns of the corrupt lazy Greeks. Flood them with migrants and call them fascists and racists if they object. Support official multi-lingualism and multiculturalism in their countries. Deconstruct their identities as nationalist nonsense. Lets see if names and identities matter then.

    c. Aristotle said observe and do not be afraid to change our beliefs on an issue if we are wrong about something. “Human rights” rhetoric is an effective form of covert nationalist warfare. We should employ it against the very nations and nationalists that have been doing it to Greece.

    However we should not precisely emulate the tactic our enemies. Once their alleged “human rights’ agendas have been exposed as nothing more than a covert nationalist agenda (because of course in their own homelands they don’t support mass migration and multiculturalism)… we all sit down and have an honest discussion about immigration… and names of countries.

  11. Just a not here: I’m Canadian married to a Greek woman and working/living in Greece.
    In Canada we have a way less problem with multiculturalism than most European countries, especially Greece.

  12. Just a not here: I’m Canadian married to a Greek woman and working/living in Greece.
    In Canada we have a way less problem with multiculturalism than most European countries, especially Greece.

  13. People can be proud of their country, but they should also be able to judge it in a negative way too. Perfection is not in this world.
    Moreover every country has changed thought out history. As you said very rightly Greeks were pagans and then they tuned to Christianity. We must go with the changes and try to male this world better for us but more importantly for our children.

  14. “our” Children? Dear John we are effectively not in the same ethnic group because your agenda isn’t Hellenism. Your culture and identity is your leftist ideology. You behave nothing like a Greek. You behave essentially exactly like leftists in all other countries. You say the same narrative. You use the same cliches. You promote the same agendas.

    You are like a Jew that converts to Islam then tries to proclaim Islam the true Jewish religion. It is not. Nor are you values and conceptualization of Hellenism consistent with its continued existence. For all intensive purposes you are antihellenic.

  15. Canadian isn’t a ethnic group. It is a political ideology. You cannot compare a country whose multiculturalism only exists because native Indians had their lands stolen from them by force to countries around the world where people have lived for untold millennia. I can guarantee you that although they support multiculturalism in Canada, the vast majority of ethnic groups within Canada would oppose multiculturalism in their own homelands.

    Although I am against multiculturalism in Greece I am not racist. I support non-Greeks becoming Greeks and having equal rights.. with a caveat. Their cultural loyalties must be to Hellenism not their past cultures and identities. It not, then all they represents is colonialists for another country. (as happened to the poor native Indians in Canada that lost their homelands)

  16. So you are not Greek but you come to a Greek forum telling greeks they should run their country like your native Canada. In other words you are projecting your own sense of identity, culture and values, on Greeks while implying Greeks are “racist” for not following them.

  17. Multiculturalism is for countries with diverse ethnic populations. Pushing multiculturalism in nations without diverse ethnic populations is tantamount to ethnic cleansing. (as happened to native Indians in the Americas… a genocidal past that is swept under the conceptual carpet in history books there)

    The reason why extreme right groups arise in the rest of the world is precisely people in those nations don’t want to end up like the poor native Indians… minorities in their own homelands.

  18. “Better” according to whom? According to a Muslim praying to Allah is better. According to Jews it is Moses that is better. To a Christian Jesus is better. To an American, American values are better. To a Canadian, Canadian values are better. To someone Chinese, Chinese values are better. And so on…

    Well to me Hellenic values are better (not to be confused with a synonym for the country of Greece or anyone that happens to call themselves Greek). What is called “western civilization” essentially sprung from Hellenic values no? I do not say this in hubris. It wasn’t me anymore than you that did it. It was ancient Greeks.

    However I do trust those values… and so should you. Rather than try to turn Greece into Canada you should be trying to make Greece behave more Hellenic (because at the moment most Greeks behave about as Hellenic as the former Yugoslavians do “Macedonian”)

  19. Especially Greece? Pardon me but you don’t know what you talking are about. You are projecting media promoted stereotypes rather than facts.

    Finland at 93.4% has the same homogeneity as Greece. (better press and less prejudice towards Finns). Hungary has more at 94.5. Ireland at 94.7%. Malta 95.3. Albania at 95%. Northern Ireland 99.5% (listed as “white”). Portugal and France listed at 100% because they don’t recognize minorities. Iceland nearly 100%. And of course the Former French Possession of Britain claims the German Queen of Sax, Coburg and Gotha is “British”

    Lets not pick on Europe. How about places like Korea, Japan, Bangledesh, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Jordan. Lestho that claim nearly 100% ethnic homogeneity? In Israel you can’t have your marriage recognized if you marry a non-Jew. Uder Liberian law… only black people are recognized as citizens!

    But hey Greece, pop 11 million, that has more refugees per capita than nearly any country on the planet, is the real problem here.

  20. No fear. All the countries that lectured Greece about what they framed as “human rights” and multi-culturalism are going to get lots and lots of it. Greeks will help them destroy their identities. They will get exactly what they demanded of Greece. Lets see how multicultural friendly they are when millions of refugees flood their countries.

  21. Your wife, albeit she has a Greek identity, obvious doesn’t know much about Hellenism much less care about it. I know nothing about her but listening to you I know she is left wing. (as are you). She is “Greek” in the sense that a Skopian is “Macedonian”. She says the word “Greek” to describe herself but doesn’t think about the culture that comes with it. She could as easily claim to be “Turkish”. The behavior of a Greek Leftist and Greek Turk are essentially identical.

    Foreigners often have a stereotype of a “Greek nationalist” in their minds because that is narrative their ideology taught them to believe. Greeks are not all the same. Their are what you might call unofficial sects and these groups in many respects represent ethnic groups (albeit all using the name Greek). Some Greeks identity Christianity as Greek. Others leftist ideology. Others see themselves only as modern Greeks. Other Greeks see themselves connected to ancient Greeks.

    Leftists like to think they are objective. They scoff at nationalism and think they are above ideological conditioning but no one is . Having ideological beliefs and sometimes an erroneous worldview is part of human existence. Our mind needs ideology or else we would be just a frozen mass of protoplasm.

    The ideology one chooses will dictate much of one’s life. Whom they marry. What party the vote for. What culture they feel comfortable with. Whether they are religious or not. What laws they support. And so on. Ideology is not limited to just political affiliation. We have layers of ideology from our identities to how our tastes influence what we support or hate.

    Which brings me to my own ideological view.

    From what I can see western civilization is largely a derivative of ancient Greeks. Some Greeks behave like jerks by acting as if they personally are responsible for the achievements of Euclid and Aristotle (hubris). However for the Greeks that really care about Hellenism their goal is simply to preserve. To remember not to glorify ourselves but to remember, and honor, the enormous contributions of ancient Greeks. To remember that which not deserves to be remembered but would be foolish to forget.

    This is why we don’t support Skopje. Because for Skopje “Macedonian” means Slavic. They look purely at pseudo-racial arguments as “Macedonian”. They don’t look to the words found on the artifacts for what defines Macedonians. In so doing they, and those that call them Macedonians, also corrupt the meaning of Greek.

    When I look back at Greek history at people that lived in Greece, every century I look I find a few that fought to remember ancient Greeks. Although not all of them were Greeks originally many of them fell so in love with Greece’s spectacular history and contributions to humanity they became Greeks.

    This is why we speak Greek today. It isn’t because Greeks of any point in history were some imagined pure Greek. It was was because so many people, whether originally Greek or not, cared in the last 2000 years to make sure to try and keep Greece as authentically Greek as we could.

    You have a choice. You can be part of that. Or you can senselessly destroy it to replace for something currently in fashion. I believe Greece deserves to be protected as a sanctuary of things Greek.


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