More than 85% of Greek Farmers Reported 5,000 Euros of Income in 2014

Greek FarmersNine out of 10 farmers declared an annual income of up to 5,000 euros in 2014, while only 5% of taxpayers with farm income declared an annual income of more than 12,000, the Finance ministry said in report.

The report showed that 87.55% of taxpayers with farm income in 2014 declared an annual income of up to 5,000 euros, of which 104,768, or 19.6%, declared zero income or losses in 2014. An annual income of up to 1,000 euros was declared by 233,674 farmers, or 43.85% of all farmers, while 5,733 farmers declared an annual income of more than 30,000 euros (1.0% of total farmers), while an annual income between 20,000 and 30,000 euros was declared by 5,541 taxpayers (1.05% of total farmers).

Total farm income was 1.3 billion euros in 2014, while average income declared by Greek farmers was 2,518 euros. Income taxes totaled 186.4 million euros, or an average of 349.81 euros.The Greek government has agreed with its creditors to raise taxes on farm incomes from 13% this year to 20% in 2016 and to 26% in 2017.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. With lawyer, doctors and other professionals, farmers are for sure the greatest taxes dodgers in Greece. The worst s that they don’t even do the work by themselves but use legal or illegal immigrant to do their work.

  2. Do not complain about farmers while your mouth is full of food. The reality is any increase to the cost of farmers doing business is immediately passed on to you the consumer. That’s the way it is as farmers cannot absorb high taxes and keep prices unrealistically low. Unless you are a ward of the state or a refugee-migrant, you will need to get a firm grip on your wallet its going to be very expensive to eat. Tourists aren’t going to like it either.

  3. What increase of cost of farming? Yes the taxes are getting up because of taxes dodges (among whom you friends the farmers). Also the cost of most cereal and meat are fixed by international prices, so tourists will have the same at home.
    Greek farmers have to learn to work and pay their taxes as any citizen. And concerning my food don’t worry, importations are always possible.

  4. Well then, if you live in Greece(?) and go to the market be prepared to pay much more and take home much less. The problem isn’t taxation it is the form of taxes and enforcement. Indeed farmers will find a means to sell their goods, sell the farm and plant houses or change the crop.. Either way you look at it, our most vulnerable citizens, fixed income pensioners and the poor are going to dearly suffer. Think about that the next time you visit the market when in Greece.