Greece to Host Broadband Internet Network on Flights Over Europe

18u2tti4z51cujpgGreek telecommunications company OTE is to play a key role in the development of a network providing broadband internet connection on flights over Europe.

British Inmarsat has chosen the center of satellite communications in Nemea area in Peloponnese to install the ground satellite infrastructure of the European Aviation Network (EAN), according to a Proto Thema report.

EAN is an innovative network that will allow millions of passengers flying over Europe to use smartphones and ipads like they would if they were on the ground. It will combine the satellite technology of the new Inmarsat satellite with a new PanEuropean ground broadband network using LTE technology, which will be constructed by the major OTE shareholder Deutsche Telekom.

According to the report, Aegean Airlines will be one of the first European air carriers that will utilize the new network, giving passengers internet connection.

The developing network will operate with the parallel use of the new satellite and several ground stations. A similar satellite station will operate in Munich as well.