Exploring a Parallel Universe in Athens

An artist, a photographer, and a poet tried to capture the invisible universe hidden throughout modern-day Athens and discover its subtle structure. This universe which exists parallel with our own does not register to the human eye because it can only be felt through art.

The purpose of this new group of artists is not to create an ordinary collection of works, or a colorless tour to the world of thought. When the artists decided to set a common direction, they had in mind the mixture of arts, as well as the mix of people who exist and breathe in the Greek capital, along with the influences that Athens has received over the years.

Above all their goal was to create something original and unprejudiced, with images and impressions that show Athens from different perspectives.

The exhibition entitled A Parallel Universe: Athens will open on Thursday, December 3 at The Cube, a new startup cluster and innovation space in the heart of the city.