Greece’s Government Shows Blatant Disrespect to Pontian Greeks

Filis_Pontian-GreeksThe “I am more leftist than thou” game between Greek cabinet members continues as new Education Minister Nikos Filis tries to outdo his predecessor in refusing the importance of the Pontic Genocide.

There is no other reason to explain Filis’ insistence on his refusal to accept that the slaughtering of 350,000 Pontian Greeks by Turkish troops between 1914 and 1923 was genocide but ethnic cleansing. Despite the relentless fire he received from opposition parties, Pontic organizations, teachers, even members of his own party, the education minister prefers to remain adamant. As if his personal opinion is the most important of all, even though he touched on an issue as sensitive as this.

Filis claimed that his opinion is based on scientific grounds. Interesting how a person without a university degree reverts to “scientific” definitions to support his positions. Probably he is unaware that other than the Greek Parliament, U.S.A., Australia and Sweden have also recognized the Pontic Genocide. In fact, he showed more arrogance by saying that his opinion has been exploited for nationalistic arguments.

In June, previous SYRIZA education minister Aristides Baltas decided to remove the topic of Hellenism by the Black Sea between the 19th and 20th century — in other words Pontian Greeks — from the curriculum of 12th grade. This is as if the Pontian Greeks, their culture, and their annihilation by the Turks are mere footnotes in Greece’s history, not worthy of teaching.

The education minister seems to have managed to outdo his predecessor because his statement infuriated more Greeks of Pontic descent who organized a protest rally on Thursday, November 5, at 4:00 pm at Syntagma Square in Athens.

“The hits the Pontic Hellenes are receiving by the government are repeated and substantial. The abolition of subsidies to our compatriots leads them to poverty and death. The removal of the topic “Pontic Hellenism”, the only one with the reference of the genocide censors education and distorts history,” the PanPontian Federation of Greece statement reads.

“The culmination of insults against us is the recent shameless denial of the Pontic Genocide by the minister of education,” the statement further reads.

Government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili supported Filis saying that it is his own opinion and it does not represent the opinion of the Greek government. Nevertheless, several SYRIZA lawmakers said they recognize the killing of 350,000 Pontian Greeks as genocide. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras conspicuously avoided to comment.

SYRIZA’s junior coalition partner ANEL also distanced themselves from the minister’s comments. “We believe we do not have the right to nullify the planned, tragic uprooting of thousands of people who were sacrificed in a violent manner,” said the rightist party’s spokeswoman Marina Chrysoveloni.

New Democracy leader Vangelis Meimarakis called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to publicly condemn Filis’ statements, which he labeled a “shameless insult to national memory.”

A group of 45 conservative MPs submitted a petition in Parliament asking Tsipras to terminate the minister. Golden Dawn, claimed they will take legal action against Filis under an anti-racism law passed in September 2014, which seeks to criminalize denial of historical acts of genocide, including that of the Black Sea Greeks, and leaves offenders facing up to three years in jail.

Ironically, Filis’ comments fit perfectly with the Turks who deny that they are guilty of the genocide. The Turkish press praised Filis’ comments, adding more fuel to the patriotic fire that burns against the minister.


  1. I can’ t believe that the locals have voted these scums SYRIZA back into power, this is what they do, they are more corrupt then any government before and more of this will occur!!

  2. Maybe we should have a discussion of the holohoax based on scientific grounds? No wait that automatically means you don’t get to pass Go.

    People should look up The history of Political Correctness on YT.

  3. is there anything else that philip does in this site other than throw dirt at syriza like a desperatly butthurt brat?

    I can litteraly guess what his next article will be or what the context of article is by his name.

  4. I hate to say it even though I am Greek, but most Greeks are shameless vultures who clearly put their leftist ideology ahead of Hellenism. (also see Greek civil war when leftists betrayed Hellenism)

    Leftists are the ones’s supporting illegal immigration. Leftists are the ones that keep ranting for government handouts. Leftists are the ones that keep ranting about banks and corporations. And if you pay real close attention you’ll notice any “Greek” that calls Skopians “Macedonians”… virtually to a man a leftist.

  5. they under mind nationalism and the Greek culture and promote open boarders and multiculturalism . Your not allowed to be proud of your identity.

  6. “Golden Dawn, claimed they will take legal action against Filis under an anti-racism law passed in September 2014, which seeks to criminalize denial of historical acts of genocide, including that of the Black Sea Greeks, and leaves offenders facing up to three years in jail.”

    On Wednesday 3 Golden Dawn MPs, Ιωάννης Σαχινίδης, Ιωάννης Αϊβατίδης and Χρήστος Χατζησάββας arrived at Areios Pagos – Supreme Court of Greece, to officially file charges against the antihellenic, antichristian, Marxist SYRIZA MP Nikos Filis for denying that the genocide of 350,000 Pontian Greeks at the hands of ISLAMIC Turkish barbarians occurred. Search You Tube for: “Δηλώσεις βουλευτών Χρυσής Αυγής για μήνυση κατά Φίλη”

    Golden Dawn MP Χρήστος Χατζησάββας is of Pontian Greek heritage.

    Neither the pseudo conservative ND party which led a ND-KKE coalition government in 1989, nor pseudo nationalist ANEL, which is junior coalition partner to Marxist SYRIZA have taken any legal action against Nikos Filis. They are all talk. A bunch of phonies that wave little plastic Greek flags to dupe Greek voters and toss those flags in the bin the second the cameras are switched off.

  7. This is what happens when EU Leftist Regionalism takes control of a nation’s identity. All over world history is being rewritten so as not to offend or otherwise blame nations for past transgressions. Government not just Greece, censor history and purposefully teach children what “they” consider important lessons to learn as long as it satisfies their political agenda. Cambodia’s Despot Pol Pot would have been proud of the Tsipras Government indoctrination methods. We must teach our children the truth about of our history and instill upon them our values, resourcefulness and the ability to challenge authority (teachers-politicians) when we know they are factually and morally wrong.

  8. ironically Golden Dawn is taking legal action based on a law that they voted against because they think that Hitler was a good man and wasn’t responsible for any devastation and mass executions bordering on genocide in Greece during WW2, let alone the German genocide of the 350,000 Greeks you mention along with their Turkish allies

  9. Filis couldn’t tell his left from right let alone engaging in a discourse on a Greek tragedy that was a genocidal act. The man is not fit for herding hogs and goats. Send him back to the pens to sweep out the camel dung from whence he came.