Greek Police Arrest Person Allegedly Involved in Attack on New Democracy MP

koutsoumakosGreek police have arrested one person who was allegedly involved in Thursday’s physical attack on New Democracy MP Giorgos Koumoutsakos.

Koumoutsakos had been attacked by a group of protesters, during the Pontic anti-government protest that took place on Thursday in front of the Greek parliament. Koumoutsakos alleged that the perpetrators were Golden Dawn members.

The individual arrested was identified through video footage that was captured during the assault. Greek media has reported that the person in custody is a 22-year-old male. Additional reports state that prior to his arrest, the man appeared on a Greek television station claiming that he was in fact trying to protect Koumoutsakos from the perpetrators.

Another four people who were involved in the attack have been identified but have yet to be arrested, Kathimerini newspaper reports. Out of these four, two have a criminal record and have been accused of attacking migrants, the report further notes.

Earlier in the day, Koumoutsakos had pressed charges against unknown persons. The Greek prosecutor had ordered a preliminary investigation into the incident.


  1. Where is the voice of condemnation of a certain leftist fanatic on this website that claims to be again violence? Funny how this ‘human rights’ activist is never around when someone on the right is violently attacked. (especially if by leftists whose years of senseless violent riots against cuts he framed as “protest”)

  2. According to many far leftist lunatics these last few years GD and ND are in bed with each other. The reality is it is Samaras that criminally charged GD.

    Unfortunately some Greek left wing fanatics see what they frame as “fascism” everywhere. They have learned to use the word “fascism” to silence anyone that isn’t a leftist in Greece (a sure sign of a fanatic). Even on this website there is a far left fanatic that slandered Germans, the Troika and anyone else that supported cuts as “fascist”.

    Meanwhile the majority of Grees leftists put a communist into power. The vast vast majority of political related violence in Greece in the last 7 years has been by left wing extremists (including terrorist attacks and a large number of violent riots)

    Then Greek leftists lecture about fanaticism.

  3. Presumably, if these criminals have a record of attacking migrants, they are supporters or activists in Chryssi Avgi.

  4. Political demagogues, such as those that always surface in difficult times, feed on people’s ignorance, weakness and stupidity. They express grandiose ideas about what should be done but are never able to suggest realistically how to do it. When confronted with the facts, they ignore reality and hide the truth, extolling surrealistic theories based on lies.

    Equally influential to the extreme left are the right wing mavericks which, alike what happened during the build up to the third Reich, point the finger at the immigrants and other minority groups. They enforce security in the streets under the umbrella of national interest and bring support to the enfeebled with the purpose of gaining power, prestige (and votes) with the general population.

    This is how “totalitarianism” begins, by feeding on the stupidity of the masses .. though astonishingly enough, even some educated people get drawn in, not least some I have communicated with on these pages.

  5. You make good points about extremists that can be found on both sides of the political spectrum. That said, I don’t consider illegals and refugees “immigrants”. or “undocumented migrants” or any of the other word games leftists play to justify illegal immigration. (and I recommend you don’t get sucked into using their words either)

    If we use the words leftist use to describe reality, we’ll end up like a leftist. Most far leftists, that claim to speak for democracy, frame democracy as a synonym for leftist ideology (which is an implicitly anti-democratic definition – see “Democratic” North Korea) Leftist behave as they do precisely because they redefine words different than their meaning to push their political agenda

  6. That’s correct Phil, but don’t you fall under any illusions either, that is precisely what the extreme right does as well, only they attack the weak and say that they are protecting the motherland. .
    Do you forget that we were “immigrants” also once searching for a better life .. in Australia, the United States, Turkey, North Africa, and it accelerates today under Tsipras .. wake up my friend, don’t be naïf and propagate slogans.

  7. Immigrants ask… are reviewed if suitable (i.e. Hellenic friendly). Immigrants don’t sneak in by the millions.
    The Greeks that support illegal immigration are effectively morally complicit in subtle attempt to erase Greece. Math doesn’t care about moral theories of antihellenic idiots that support mass illegal immigration into Greece.

  8. Just words Phil. We Greeks are one the greatest creators of diaspora in history, some of it legal, much of it not.