Israeli-German ‘Friendship Concert’ at the Athens Concert Hall Nov. 11

athens concert hallGermany and Israel will be celebrating their 50-year anniversary since the two countries commenced their diplomatic relations, through a special “Friendship Concert” scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 10, at Athens Concert Hall. The aim of the concert is to bring the two countries together in the spirit of peace and friendship in the post WWII era.

The concert is only open to special guests, but members of the public may be able to get an invitation if they contact the countries’ embassies directly. The event is organized by the ambassadors of Israel and Germany in Greece, Irit Ben-Abba and Peter Schoof, respectively.

Artus Ensemble, a trio made up of musicians from Germany (Perry Schack, guitar), Israel (Esti Rofé, flute) and Poland (Krzystof Kaczka, flute) will be accompanied by the Athens State Orchestra. Together they will perform works by Georg Friedrich Händel, Antonio Vivaldi, Maurice Ravel, Arcangelo Corelli, Domenico Cimarosa, Ilse Weber, Lukasz Wos and John Williams.

The evening will close with the premiere of “Friendship Overture” composed especially for the event by Dimitris Gouzios of Athens State Orchestra.


  1. Good initiative!!! When a joint concert between Greece and Turkey? It can be made with local music such as bouzouki or the Turkish equivalent.

    Hate is fruitless and wounds wound better with music.

  2. Sure. Lets be “pals” with Turkey while they support Skopians trying to subtlety ethnically cleanse Greeks.

  3. The is a major difference between showing good will to others and an appeasing coward that won’t stand up for his country.

  4. Germany work and support the Arabs, it doesn’t mean they will not have good relations with Israel. So even if Turkey work and support FYROM (as most countries in the world sadly), it doesn’t mean Greece and Turkey should not try to better their bilateral relation.
    By the way you forgot the Cyprus invasion (another problem), don’t always concentrate on FYROM only.

  5. The analogy isn’t applicable. Germans aren’t currently trying to erase Jews like Turks are trying to do to Greece (exactly why they’ve been backing Skopje)

  6. I’m not saying that Turks love Greeks but get real: you suffer persecution complex. Backing FYROM, sadly as most countries of the world by the way, doesn’t mean that they want to erase Greeks or Greece.

  7. Sorry. It is not the imagination of Greeks that the Turkish government has been helping Skopians. Nor is it our imagination that the Greek hating bigots that called them “Macedonians” evasively downplay their recent identity quick change into fouders of the Hellenistic period and irredentism.

    Actions speak louder than words. Anyone that calls former Yugoslavians “Macedonians” above Greek objections is effectively morally complicit in their behavior.