Greek PM: Agreements on Reforms to be Made During the Week

tsiprasGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras claimed that the Greek government will legislate all the necessary prior actions that will greenlight the disbursement of the additional bailout funds to Greece at this upcoming Monday’s Euroworking Group.

The Eurozone’s finance ministers decided on Monday to hold back the two billion euros of Greek bailout funds until Greece agrees to adopt all the necessary reforms and measures. The Eurogroup warned Greece that this must be accomplished during the week. Greece and creditors are still in disagreement over particular measures and reforms, primarily the conditions for foreclosures on first homes.

Tsipras argued during a Greek ministerial meeting on Tuesday, that Monday’s Eurogroup was positive in that the Greek representatives did not back down on their stance toward VAT on private education and home foreclosures, some of the contentious issues of the negotiations.

The Greek government is also trying to get its hands on another 10 billion euros of bailout funds that have been left aside for the Greek bank recapitalization, which is expected to happen soon after the anticipated agreement between the governments and its creditors. The Greek head of state noted that the disbursement of these funds is also a priority.

While securing the two billion euros is one of the Greek government’s priorities at the moment, Tsipras noted that simply sticking to the bailout would be catastrophic for Greece, and that the government needs to do more beyond that. Greek society has high expectations, he noted.


  1. If “sticking to the bailout” would be catastrophic, to quote Tsipras, why did he sign the memorandum? We have to stop taking others for fools. A mutual agreement was reached to receive money in exchange for reforms. We now have to show some dignity and honour our commitments. Why feed the beast by giving them reason all the time to call us liars and cheats.

  2. Simple Programming answer to how Tsipras acts:
    1. Make promises
    2. Sign Agreement
    3. Spend Money
    4. Do much less than expected
    5. Go back to (1)


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