Firebombs and Skirmishes Mark General Strike Rally in Greece [video]

episodia_GSEEThe general strike rally against austerity in Greece was marked by hooded individuals throwing firebombs at policemen and smashing shop windows in downtown Athens.

The skirmishes started around 1:30 pm when hooded individuals started throwing molotov cocktails at riot police at Syntagma Square. The rioters then moved to the south end of the square where they threw rocks at the posto office.

The hooded individuals then moved to Kolokotroni street where they smashed shop windows and parked cars. The rioters continued to move down Panepistimiou street and the battles with police continued in front of the University of Athens administration building and all the way down to Omonoia Square. A van of OTE telecommunications company was set on fire.

Earlier, hooded youths located three plainclothes policemen at Patision street, near the Athens Archaeological Museum, and attacked and beat them. One of the policemen was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.


  1. arrest all the violent protesters

    from 0hedge

    By turning the screws on the Greek banking sector and bringing the country to the brink of ruin, the troika indicated its willingness to “punish” recalcitrant politicians who pursue anti-austerity policies. On the one hand, countries have an obligation to pay back what they owe (BUT BANKRUPTCY IS ALWAYS A FREE MARKET CAPITALISTIC OPTION), but on the other, the subversion of the democratic process by using the purse string to effect political change is a rather disconcerting phenomenon and we expect we’ll see it again with regard to the Socialists in Portugal.

    So we suppose the lesson here for the troika is that you may be able to subvert the will of the people in the short term by forcing democratically elected officials to choose between their election mandate and financial ruin/depression, but that only serves to enrage an electorate that clearly was already fed up in the first place.

    Obviously, this is decidedly untenable scenario and if there is indeed a rash of massive protests that causes public (and private) services to go dark for days at a time, something will have to change politically and that, in turn, sets the stage for yet another showdown with the troika. Case in point… here’s the Belgian finance minister’s response: Strange & dangerous logic in Athens: Syriza organises strike against program its own government pledges to execute. Sense of urgency needed.

    The violent depictions above are due to a couple hundred so-called anarchists that have regularly been derailing every peaceful protest in the last 20 years or so. You haven’t seen the people’s anger yet.

  2. What are you talking about ? Talk about someone who is delusional. You Greeks did this to yourselves due to your own ignorance. The “Troika” is not at fault. You degenerate Greeks are.

    Greeks ran the debt up in their country. Greeks elected their government whose incompetence has run the country into the ground.

    Your incompetent leader, along with your ignorant finance minister, wrecked the first bailout deal, which Greece doesn’t deserve.

    You degenerate Greeks don’t take responsibility for anything, but want to blame others for your own ignorance. You Greeks come begging for money from other countries, and then don’t want to pay it back. The Greeks with your ignorance thinks the world owes them a living. Guess what ? It doesn’t.

    The EU should revoke any loans to Greece, kick Greece out of the EU, and let Greece go down the toilet where it belongs.

    Greeks want to protest ? Against what ? Their own stupidity ? You Greeks just re-elected this clown who signed the current loan agreement with the EU. Now you want to complain about it. Greece and it’s citizens deserve to be a third world country the way it has acted. The world is fed up with Greece’s constant whining.

  3. NO ONE FORCED THE LENDERS TO LEND GREECE THE MONEY. the ultimate responsibility of due diligence in a credit transaction ALWAYS ALWAYS falls on the lender.

    it takes 2 to tango and BOTH parties are at fault BUT only one party (the lenders) were bailed out as 90% of the bailout funds went right back to principal and interest payments. the private banks holding on to Greek government debt were made whole on their risky bets.

    NO ONE and certainly not the everyday citizens deserves to become a 3rd world country just to teach someone a lesson. the people at fault are the lenders and the people in government who precipitated this mess

    the EU, having won their game of chicken with incompetent Tsipras and Varoufakis as those 2 actually didn’t have a plan to go along with their threats of GREXIT, won’t revoke the loans (that go right back to themselves) to Greece because they know very well what will happen to the EU and the likes of deutche bank with their 75 trillion $ derivative book. it will set off a cascade worse than the 2008 financial crisis. so they continue to kick the can down the road and put their own leaders into power in various EU countries with the threat of cutting of ELA funding and destroying entire financial systems (a threat they won’t carry out but that they know thus far they can do because no politician wants to be the one that pulls the plug)

    “Greeks want to protest ? Against what ?” there are ways to structure anti-capitalistic bailouts without destroying countries.

    angry much?

  4. I agree the troika isn’t to blame for Greece economic problems but lumping in every Greek by saying “you degenerate Greeks”.. automatically disqualifies as someone having morals. A fascist lecturing on ethics.

  5. You Greeks elected this government. You Greeks are in no position to lecture anyone regarding morals.

    The obligation of repaying a loan ALWAYS FALLS ON THE ENTITY THAT BORROWS THE MONEY. In this case Greece.

    Greek citizens just re-elected the guy that signed the EU loan agreement Greeks have been complaining about for months before the recent Greek election. Now Greeks want to continue to whine, and cry about the loan’s terms.

    Tough. The EU, nor any nation has any obligation to loan Greece money. If Greeks don’t like the terms of the loan, don’t accept the money. If Greeks accept the money, they should shut up and quit their whining. Greeks have no one else to blame but themselves. It is the fault of Greeks, and Greeks only, why their nation has the problems it does.

    Personally, I think the EU is crazy for loaning Greece any money. Greece needs to grow up, stand on it’s own two feet, and quit being a parasite of other nation’s taxpayers.