At Least 6,500 Refugees Arrive at Piraeus Port on Sunday

More than 6,500 refugees arrived on Sunday at Piraeus port from the islands of Mytilene, Chios and Samos, Greece.

“El. Venizelos” and “Blue Star 1” carried 3,657 refugees and two more ferries, “Nisos Rhodos” and “Ariadni”, carried another 2,918 refugees.
(source: ana-mpa)


  1. Thankfully the media considers these tens of thousands of men of military age migrants and not militants. Who are we to debate the word parsing by journalists that have absolutely NO IDEA what is happening except what is spoon fed to them over the wire.

  2. This government and all previous once are destroying our culture slowly. We don’t need more people in Greece, abiding Greek citizens who are suffering from the crisis need more help then these refugees. They should be fighting to liberate their country and not to abandon their fellow Syrians

  3. Syriza will give them residency and voting rights – Tsipras will do anything to keep his paypacket selling out all the rubbish promises he made

  4. i see a few things happening with the illegal immigrants and Greece over the next few months.
    1. Tsipras popularity will decline as the economy doesn’t grow and corruption scandals, terror links inside Syriza are exposed as are reported now
    2. The illegal immigrant “hotspots” are permanent – more will be built and they will receive free food, medical care and housing as is happening now. Poor ethnic greeks receive nothing
    3. Tsipras, frustrated with the EU refusal to grant illegal immigrants asylum, will issue them all with residency and voting rights over the next 2 years. He will say this is because the EU does not take them but he has an ulterior motive. This will help him two fold as his popularity declines as they will all vote left as they do in other european countries. I expect the illegal muslim population to be between 500,000 – 1,000,000 in 12 months time
    4. Tsipras will continue to win the next election with the support of 90%+ muslims just as hollande won in france with the support of 92% of the muslim population (ipsos had a poll showing 92% of france’s 4 million eleigible mulsim voters voted for Hollange – given the less then 2 million margin between socialists and UMP, muslims effectively handed hollande the presidency – the same thing will happen in greece.)
    ……. Then the tensions will start – more mosques will be built, pressure from Tsipras on the Church to feed illegal muslim immigrants, more attacks… well we’ve seen what has happened in Cypus, kosovo, bosnia…. thats where we are headed.