Paris Attacks: Published Pictures of Greek Boat Tickets of Suspected Jihadists

paris_Attack1_pass The Syrian passport found outside the Stade de France on Friday night leads to a person who had passed through Greece among refugees. published pictures of the boat tickets of two persons who are likely to be involved in the Paris terrorist attacks.

The website published pictures of the boat tickets dated October 5, 2015 from Leros to Piraeus belonging to Ahmed Almuhamed and Mohammed Almuhamed. The two men arrived at the island of Leros on October 3rd and were registered as Syrian refugees. They used the Syrian passports to travel to Piraeus via Kalymnos on the Diagoras ship.

The two men traveled using Syrian passports and are believed to have been involved in the bloodshed at the Paris capital that cost more than 129 lives.

However, authorities believe that the passport found outside Stad de France is fake. The suspect used the passport to travel through Serbia, then Croatia and Austria before he reached Paris.


  1. things leftists say after islamic terrorists murder of non muslims
    1. muslims are also the victims of islamic terror (and that apparently makes it ok for muslims to kill non muslims in terror attacks)
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