German Mag’s Autumn Issue Dedicated to Downtown Athens Beauty

fokionosFlaneur is an unconventional magazine that is published by young journalist Ricarda Messner in Berlin, Germany, aiming to narrate universal stories through interesting presentations of a single microcosm. The team of the English-language publication spends around two months on each location examining “the streets’ complexity, their layers and fragmented nature” until they finally present the findings of their unique cosmopolitan and literary approach to their readers.

FlaneurThe Autumn issue of Flaneur, dedicated to the Fokionos Negri neighborhood in downtown Athens, includes testimonials, texts, and photos that depict the Athenian urban landscape’s gradual transformation into a multicultural mosaic.

“Following the oral history of the neighborhood of Kypseli, the magazine finds itself entangled in a story-heavy microcosm,” the main contributors of the project reveal on the German publication’s official website.

“Fokionos Negri, once a river, now a broad and green, two-sided boulevard becomes a stage of overlapping narratives where stories are told and re-told,” they explain, adding: “As on every stage, the desire for the story is stronger than the need to subdue it to rigid logic. The magazine immerses itself in these fragments until they become our very own memory.”