New Report Reveals Decline in Income from Rental Properties in Greece

tax-Greek-abroadThe Greek economy‘s deterioration since the crisis broke out has been well documented through the figures that are released. Among the various revenue streams that have been reported to have shrunk in the past five years in Greece, is revenue from rental properties.

The Kathimerini newspaper reports that while tax reports from 2011 showed 8.8 billion euros of income from rental properties, 2015 tax reports showed 5.5 billion euros of income. This amounts to 38% reduction in 4 years.

In their 2015 tax reports, 1.7 million Greeks reported that they have income from rent payments. This number is considerable for a population just short of 11 million. However, 1.6 million, or 95% of these persons, reported they collect less than 12,000 euros per year from rental payments.


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