Paris Attack Mastermind Orchestrated Failed Hit from Athens in January

abaAbdelhamid Abaaoud, the man who is considered by French and Belgian authorities to be the mastermind of the Islamic State hits in Paris, was orchestrating a failed attack from Athens in January.

An investigation on the 27-year-old terrorist that took place in Athens in January suggested that he was directing an attack from the Greek capital. Communications from a cell phone in Athens with a group of three jihadists in Verviers, Belgium, that was dismantled by Belgian Police, indicate that Abaaoud was the orchestrator. The group was planning a terrorist hit against a police station. During the arrest operation, police killed two of the terrorists and arrested the third.

Abaaoud, a Belgian citizen, was suspected of planning the attack from Athens and was going under the nick name “Omar.” The cell phone call from Athens led Greek counter-terrorism officers to an extensive investigation in the Pagkrati neighborhood of Athens where the phone calls were traced. A Europol official went to Athens to aid in the investigation.

The Greek authorities arrested a man named Omar Damas, believing it was the Islamic State “Omar.” Police found the cell phone that contained the suspicious sim card in his possession. They investigated Damas trying to find a connection with Abaaoud with no results.

According to a Belgian newspaper Der Standaar report, Abaaoud is connected to the botched terrorist hit in Verviers. Initially it was believed he masterminded and funded the failed attempt.

Abaaoud departed for Syria in June. After his departure, a court in Belgium, in absentia, sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment for the recruitment of Belgian jihadists bound for Syria to join IS.


  1. Screening of the refugees should take place at arrival in European Union to avoid any more tragedy.

  2. These are NOT refugees, they leave Turkey which is a safe country and come to Greece. NO treaty recognises them as refugees.

    None of these documents — the 1951 Refugee Convention; the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, or the EU’s own Dublin Regulations — grants the right of refugee status to those traversing several safe countries, and illegally crossing multiple borders, to shop for the best welfare state.

    Even a legitimate refugee from Syria now living, for example, in Turkey or Lebanon, loses his refugee status by paying a people-smuggler to travel to Europe. According to international law, that refugee then becomes an “asylum seeker.” Only when his asylum claim has been investigated and judged to be valid by a requisite domestic agency, is he once again a “refugee.”

  3. Be in the same position as they are (house&properties destroyed, family &friends killed, etc…) I think you would take refuge anywhere. Turkey is safe? I though every Greek considered Turkey an evil/fascist/racist state? Did you forgot the persecution of minorities in Turkey right now?
    In any case, Europe needs young people to pay for the pension of the old “baby-boomers” generation who did not had many kids. So either they are refugees or migrants Europeans countries needs them.

  4. John how do you propose to screen people from villages without records or Syrian passports issued from ISIS controlled offices? Define screening and the extent you expect while tens of thousands are entering the country? Simple answer there is NO WAY to screen effectively.

  5. They were in safe UNWRA camps in Turkey. Opening these camps was a US/NATO destabilisation exercise to warn / punish Europe for foot-dragging on Syria and Ukraine, for Minsk, for joining AIB etc.
    Meanwhile it suits Erdogan to a ‘T’ since they will all end up in Greece as all European borders close.